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6 Submissions For BJJ You Can Start Using Today

6 Submissions For BJJ You Can Start Using Today


If You Love BJJ But Struggle To Hit Submissions These 6 Submissions Are Easy To Learn And So Effective That You Can Start Using Them Today!

In the world of grappling, submissions can take forever to understand properly. Usually when you just start out, you might be able to secure a submission but struggle to finish it. Typically this is due to minor flaws in your technique. For example, you might be able to lock up a kimura from side control but it feels like your opponent’s shoulder has infinite flexibility. This is usually due to incorrect positioning, and believe it or not, a couple of quick tweaks can greatly improve how effective your kimuras are. The same can be said about all submissions, and there are just so many submissions out there whether you are looking at lower body or upper body attacks. But what are the best submissions anyone can implement quickly into their game? Some of the best submissions are the simplest ones. So with that in mind let us take a look at 6 submissions for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that you can start using today.

Kurt Osiander has old school, brutal and simple Jiu Jitsu. Nothing fancy, just what works all the time. Not only does he have simple tips and techniques for getting chokes like the loop choke, but also great tips for guard sweeps, guard passing, arm bar submissions and more.


#1: Wrist Lock From Bottom Closed Guard

Here is a really easy submission from closed guard from Rodrigo Artilheiro. Rodrigo is a black belt in Judo and a Brazilian National Champion in Judo. He is a world class wrestler and 7x National Wrestling Champion in Brazil. He is also a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, and 2x ADCC verteran. Rodrigo has coached some of the best Brazilian UFC fighters including Vitor Belfort, the Noguira Brothers, Werdum, and Crocop. Let’s see how Rodrigo does the wrist lock from bottom closed guard. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

The bottom closed guard is often thought only as a defensive position, and not one you would think you could hit a wrist lock from but this proves that way of thinking to be wrong. The most important part of this wrist lock is in the setup. The first thing Rodrigo likes to do when his training partner has a hold of his gi sleeve is to grab his wrist and then break his posture using his legs to bump him forward. Rodrigo swims his other arm underneath and over his training partner’s arm to secure his grip. Once the grip is secured, Rodrigo switches his closed guard so that it is high up on his training partner’s back, controlling his arms and shoulders. Rodrigo traps the shoulders and then changes his grip to submit his opponent with the wrist lock.

#2: Closed Guard Double Arm Bar by Renato Canuto

Renato is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under his father “Tio Chico” Canuto. He is one of the top representatives of team Checkmat BJJ in the sport’s international circuit. Canuto, who has worked extensively under Robert Drysdale, Rodrigo Cavaca, as well as Leonardo Vieira is widely regarded as one of the most exciting grapplers of his generation. Renato Canuto is also infamous for his arm bars. Today we are going to check out one of his techniques, the close guard double arm bar, from his instructional series “50 shades of arm bar,” available now. Watch the video below and then we will break down Renato Canuto’s technique.

Renato hits this double arm bar from bottom closed guard. In this case your training partner has double gi grips on both your wrists. The first thing you want to do is establish your grips, controlling your opponent at the wrists by grabbing the gi sleeve. Your hips should be high up on your training partner. Now pull your opponent while at the same time moving your hips down. The idea is to get your training partner to move forward. Once he does so you can switch your legs to his shoulders in a much higher guard position. You will see that when Canuto has the higher guard position it squeezes his opponent’s arms together and locks them into a straight position. When you have both shoulders trapped you can go far the arm bar. Use your hips to shoot upwards and finish the arm bar. Pay attention to just how much Renato uses his hips in this technique. That is a very important detail.

#3: Kimura From Side Control Top Position by Travis Stevens

The kimura, a shoulder lock submission, is one of the most used control techniques and submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am sure if you have spent any time on the mats at all you are familiar with the kimura. The kimura from side control is a common submission, often taught at the white belt level. Travis Stevens is a master of the kimura. His list of accolades is long, and he has competed in some of the most prestigious events in Brazilian jiu jitsu against some of the best competitors around. Watch the video below of Travis Stevens demonstrating the kimura from side control top position and then we will break down his technique.

There are a few important bits to this kimura from side control technique. You want to shoulder punch and create pressure against your training partners head in order to pop his wrist off the collar grip. Make your thumb is up in the arm pit in order to get a tight grip on your training partner’s arm. Take note of how Travis uses his control of the hips using his free arm and knees. They are tight against his training partner, keeping him from bridging and creating space. Travis then starts attacking the kimura with both his opponent’s shoulders on the mat before rolling him on his side, grinding his arm across the chest.

#4: Side Triangle While Guard Passing by John Danaher

In the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the triangle is one of the most effective submissions. The triangle is simple in principle; you use your legs to wrap around your opponent’s neck, leaving one of the arms trapped inside the “triangle” while the other arm is on the outside. Even though The Danaher Death Squad guys are known for their leg locks, John Danaher also is a master of explaining and breaking down the triangle submission. John Danaher is one of the most sought out teachers in the entire world. John calls the triangle "the most versatile submission." Check out this amazing side triangle while guard passing from John Danaher and then we will break down the technique.

This is a triangle that is often times perceived as difficult but under John’s tutelage, it is easy.  He combines his Triangle Attack here with his Kimura System. In a situation where you start off against your training partner in a seated guard position you are looking to step in and attain back control. It will be a battle for grips, but as Danaher explains, you should be reaching for the shoulders, biceps and neck. By taking a step in towards your partner’s chest, you put yourself in the perfect position to lock up a simple kimura attack. Danaher lands in what he calls the “T Kimura position” where his opponent’s back is leaning against his stomach. Because of the kimura lock, the only counter your opponent has is to turn in towards you. When you see him turn in, you want to slow him down by lifting the elbow, giving you space to bring your knee underneath the trapped arm. From here Danaher takes his foot and leg over his training partner’s head. When he fights to come up on top of you, simply kick through. Now you can come up into a belly down position to punch your legs through. This will allow you to lock up an incredibly tight figure four.

#5: Cross Choke From Closed Guard by Luis Heredia

As one of the first fundamental chokes you will learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the cross choke is well known for its high rate of success. As a powerful and versatile choke, it ranks as one of the best amongst the multitude of different gi chokes. The cross choke can be applied from guard, bottom or top half guard, side control, mount, even knee on belly. Let’s take a look at cross choke from closed guard. In the video below, Luis Heredia, a Rickson Gracie Black Belt, is going to show us how to apply a cross choke from closed guard. Check it out!

As explained by Luis, the cross choke is as effective whether in top or bottom. It is also an excellent technique to utilize when in transition. Take the knee slice for example. If you are in a position where you have got an excellent knee slice you may just be able to submit your opponent with an effective cross choke. Luis has a classic take on this position with several different grip variations. Notice that Luis will always bring his head to the side of his top hand. He also brings his opponent closer to him by sucking his elbows in to his ribs.

#6: 10 Finger Guillotine by Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles is one of the preeminent black belt competitors from Australia.  He is head coach at Absolute MMA and has been instrumental in the development of such standout athletes as Craig Jones and Livia Gluchowska. The 10 Finger Guillotine choke comes from Lachlan’s first instructional DVD from BJJ Fantatics, High Percentage Chokes: No Gi. It is a choke that will have you submitting your opponents in no time. Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique.

In the video demonstration, Lachlan Giles starts off by explaining that the 10 Finger Guillotine is useful for when your training partner’s head is stuck in the middle of your body. In this case, you are simply boxing the head in to contain your opponent. By using your arms and elbows to block his head, your training partner will not be able to escape to either side. You want to get your belly over the top of your opponent’s head. You will use your stomach to push down on the back of the head while you pull up with your hands. Lachlan comes up to his feet in a deep squat position once he has his training partner secure. The choke his right here, simply pull up with your hands.

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