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A Beautiful X-Guard Reversal From Bruno Malfacine

A Beautiful X-Guard Reversal From Bruno Malfacine


Easy Reversal That Works On Opponents Of All Sizes...

We’ve been enjoying these snip-it’s from Bruno Malfacine’s upcoming instructional for the past few weeks. While we wait impatiently for the release to drop, he’s been giving us some interesting concepts to mull over. These ideas may be even more appealing to the smaller grapplers, but no matter what size you are, Malfacine’s amazing technical abilities and razor-sharp application are sure to bring value to anyone’s game. In this clip he works from the x-guard.

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I’m a super fan when it comes to anything x-guard related, and Malfacine puts the x-guard to work in a variety of new and unique ways. Have a look at this beautiful leg trip reversal!

Using this collar and pants grip that seems to keep showing up in Malfacine’s instruction, he breaks his partners posture forward slightly, scoots his butt underneath, and elevates him slightly with right butterfly hook. He then releases the grip on the pants, reaches under the leg with his left arm, and pommels his feet into the x-guard position.

While maintaining control of the leg, he passes it the other side of his body and over hooks it, keeping the limb securely in place by grabbing his own lapel. To create a reaction Malfacine uses the x-guard hooks to bring his partner towards him to threaten a moment of off-balancing. As his partner reacts Malfacine extends the x-guard hook and sits up. With a simple technical lift and a pull with his right heel he’s able to reverse his partner.

This is a beautifully executed, well thought out technique from x-guard. Can’t wait to see more!! Coming soon!

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