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A Key Detail for a Successful Anaconda Choke with Chael Sonnen

A Key Detail for a Successful Anaconda Choke with Chael Sonnen


An Easy Improvement To Your Front Head Lock Submission Ability

Getting your bearings in the front head lock position can take a little bit of time and practice. Once you develop an understanding of the position, you’ll realize how dynamic and useful it can be. Until I studied it more closely, I didn’t treat it as a position unto itself. I always used it as more of a transitional spot, but this was definitely the wrong approach.

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As I learned more about controlling the position, and the options that become available when sufficient control is present, I came to enjoy the front headlock position a lot more. Not only are there a myriad of submissions depending on the position of our partners elbows, but there are also a number of excellent back takes, and transitions at your disposal. The front headlock has its own unique set of advantages, attractive properties, and can be incredibly beneficial to those who choose to delve in a little deeper.

One of the heavy hitters from the front headlock position is the anaconda choke. Let’s take a look at one quick detail on the anaconda choke that can assist us in making it a little more high percentage. In this video Chael Sonnen gives us some insight into how he prefers to lock up the anaconda. Give it a look.

Sonnen first begins with conveying the importance of not over committing the elbow underneath his partner. He keeps his elbow firmly attached to his side to prevent this from happening. This gives him the ability to ride the position for as long as he feels necessary.

His opposite hand enters, and Sonnen looks to make contact with his thumb on ANY part of his partners face. Once he has achieved this, he applies a traditional guillotine style lock to his hands to hold his partner in place. He then cuts his right knee up the middle and tilts his partner on to his side. Sonnen brings his top leg into the mix to trap his partners top arm. This allows him to reach deeper with his choking arm to tighten the strangle and complete the submission.

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Another critical detail of making the choke successful is acquiring a full lock on your own bicep with your choking hand. Anything less than this will result in the dismantling of your submission. Use your top leg as a wedge to get full extension of your arm and a solid lock on your bicep. Great stuff here from one of the greats!

Sonnen goes on to discuss a critical component of his mount control. He puts the soles of his feet together, arches his back, drives his hips into his partner, and lifts his partners head off of the mat. This makes movement of any kind extremely difficult. Great details here!

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