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Counter the Bump and Control the Mount with Chael Sonnen!

Counter the Bump and Control the Mount with Chael Sonnen!


A Hip Bump Counter With The American Gangster Chael Sonnen!

What’s a good way to counter the bottom players attempt to bump us with a strong bridge? Taking the mount of course. Could it be that simple? Yes.

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Check out this quick video from Chael Sonnen. Maybe you’ve been overlooking this simple concept of using the bump as the perfect opportunity to take the mount position and get to work. Check it out!

Sonnen walks us through a very simple, yet effective guard pass. He starts with making V’s with his hands and controlling his partners armpits. He stands up and splits his partners legs with his knee to open the guard. The guard breaking knee cuts through straight to the floor. He then cuts his hips and looks to kill his partners far arm in any fashion that fits the scenario.

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At this point Sonnen talks about the vulnerability of being bucked and losing our position we worked so hard to earn. As his partner decides to buck him, in an attempt to recompose his guard or cause a reversal, Sonnen simply steps over into the mount position. An important detail to note here is that we don’t want to meet our partners pressure with pressure of our own. This will make it easier for our opponent on the bottom to complete a roll, and reverse us. That’s it, step over. But it has to be on your radar.

Sonnen goes on to discuss a critical component of his mount control. He puts the soles of his feet together, arches his back, drives his hips into his partner, and lifts his partners head off of the mat. This makes movement of any kind extremely difficult. Great details here!

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