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A Kimura Blitz from Tom DeBlass

A Kimura Blitz from Tom DeBlass


The kimura is a powerful submission that causes extreme pressure and discomfort in the shoulder joint by maintaining a double wrist grip on the opponent and essentially forcing the hand and elbow to rotate outside of normal range of motion forcing the submission.  Named by Helio Gracie after the famed Japanese fighter Kimura who he fought later in his career and who defeated him with the position, the technique has been developed by a number of grapplers like David Avellan and others into an entire system of techniques that encompass not only  the submission from a variety of positions, but also use the kimura to set up sweeps and other techniques like leg locks.

In the video below, half guard ace and kimura fan Tom DeBlass shows very quickly the variety of techniques he utilizes in his game plan that have the kimura grip or submission as their core foundation.  In this blitz of techniques, he shows a number of kimuras attacking both near and far side limbs, a variety of sweeps to either side, and several entries into ashi garami where he is able to set up leg attacks.

The kimura can become a cornerstone of one's entire game plan and by seeking out and maintaining that grip throughout your match, you will be able to perform a variety of techniques for which they will have little recourse but to be swept or submitted.  Check out the video below.

In Tom DeBlass' best selling Half Domination, half guard series, he goes into more detail about his use of the kimura from half guard as both a submission tool and a useful tool to reverse his opponents.  You can check out this best selling instructional at BJJ Fanatics.


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