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The Customer and John Danaher Are Always Right

The Customer and John Danaher Are Always Right


Without a doubt, there are very few people that carry the kind of weight in the jiu jitsu community that John Danaher does.  Here at BJJ Fanatics, we were beyond elated to be able to have an opportunity to work with the same teacher, instructor and coach who has helped shape the competitive careers of such luminaries as Georges St. Pierre, Chris Weidman, Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon and the Ryan brothers Gordon and Nicky.  Even our long time friend, Tom DeBlass seeks out the insights of John Danaher when he is looking to add new wrinkles to his game.

The stable of grapplers and MMA fighters he works with have amassed victories in the most elite competitions in the world, from ADCC and the UFC, to EBI and Kasai to name only a very few.  To say his instruction is some of the best in the world is at best an understatement. 

The instruction that John laid out for us and for the fans worldwide was simply amazing.  Despite our audio gaffs, the overwhelming feedback on the series was extremely positive.  The conceptual and methodical way in which Danaher illuminates his philosophy of leg locks and jiu jitsu in general is masterful to say the least.  This was another reason that we could sit idly by and let a less than perfect quality production tarnish his incredible conceptual vision. 

But as we all know in the world of jiu jitsu there are many bumps in the road and many mistakes that can be made.  In our excitement to work with such a world renowned instructor, we missed an extremely important opportunity to provide our customers and John's students both at the home academy in NYC and abroad, the perfection that John requires of himself.  Thankfully, we have been given another chance by John and humbly request the same of our customers.

In no uncertain terms, the product quality of the audio was nowhere where it needed to be.  There are a whole host of reasons, but at the end of the day, there are no excuses. We stnad by our products in the same way that John Danaher stands by his teaching and instruction. Like the old saying goes, sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail. This week we have been the nail as we heard our valued customer feedback and took it to heart. LIke any good BJJ students we picked ourself up, dusted ourselves off and are extremely thankful to have John Danaher as a coach and teacher who is willing to give us another shot.

John has graciously offered to travel to Boston to re-record the entire program to give us, his humble students a chance to get it right for him, the students around the world and our customers.  For this, we are grateful.

Below is the text of our email that has been sent out to everyone on our email list detailing exactly what we are going to do and how were are going to work to make this right.  We humbly ask for your patience and forgiveness as we fix this error and promise that something like this will never happen again.


This past week, we released John Danaher’s Leglocks: Enter The System.  The material John presented as the premiere expert on leglocks in the world (probably the premiere expert on all things grappling) was as expected: incredible!  John is an amazing resource – that is not news, but the way in which he presented the material was very different.  John covered a lot of theory and then demonstrated the practice.  It was over 9 hours of content.

When we shot, the audio did not come out as well as I had expected.  There is only one person fully responsible for the quality of the product: it’s me and I f’ed up.  I can make a thousand excuses as to why: but at the end of the day, the answer is the same: I f’ed up.  Some of the threads out there have confirmed in no uncertain terms – this is true. 

Now, where I got lucky is that John is beyond committed to his students, fans and followers.  I learned all I needed to know about John by what he didn’t say: He never mentioned lost money, being reimbursed for his time or anything having to do with money – all he cares about is his students: who are now worldwide, having the best experience they can with this product and he is coming to our headquarters to fix it.  

So this coming weekend we are going to reshoot and then re-release the entire product again.  I am committed to grapplers getting the most out of every video we produce and John is someone who cares – as much as anyone I’ve ever met – about his students’ experience. 

So what does this mean?

  • If you’ve already bought John Danaher’s Leglocks Enter The System, you will receive access to the new online version of the product as soon as it is ready (2-3 weeks from now), and you will also receive updated DVDs if you also ordered the DVDs
  • If you buy John’s Leglocks: Enter The System between now and the new release date, you will get access to the current version, and receive the update as soon as it is ready and you will receive updated DVDs as soon as they are ready.

So we have a big weekend ahead: This version needs to be excellent and it will be: it will be one we can all be proud of and everyone can enjoy. 

In just 2 years, BJJ Fanatics has experienced some meteoric growth – we now have over 60,000 subscribers, we are growing out of our second physical space and sometimes the growth is difficult to manage.  We might not always get it right the first time, but our goal is to make everyone happy – I actually use those words with our customer service staff “make everyone happy.”  We want to be the company you rely on to learn from the best instructors on the planet.   

Because of John, and his unrelenting commitment to his students, I believe we are going to make everyone happy again.  So please take this as a formal apology from me to John and all of our customers who purchased and didn’t receive the audio quality they should have. You will have what you deserve very soon.
Thank you,

Michael Zenga


In Conclusion

First off thank you to John Danaher for the original opportunity and most importantly for this chance to learn from our mistakes and give the world what it truly deserves, the amazing teachings of John Danaher in a high quality form that will provide years of enjoyment and instruction.  Second, thank you to all of our customers who have purchased and given us the much needed feedback.  We listen to and take to heart EVERY single comment.  Our goal is to ensure that every person who spends their hard earned money with BJJ Fanatics will always be satisfied with their purchases and will become better practitioners through the courses we offer.  Lastly, thank you to all of our future customers who recognize that though we are not perfect, we will do everything we can to try to get there and we hope you'll help us along the way.

So rest assured, if you take advantage of this opportunity to receive over 9 hours of amazing instruction, know that you will receive the instruction in its current form and in the newly recorded and improved production version.  If you decide to wait, a decision that we certainly respect, you will simply receive the new version.  Either way, we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and will soon be on your way to becoming a leg lock ace.  You can access John's Leglocks:  Enter the Sytem in its current form here.






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