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A loop choke from Cyborg? Yes, please.

A loop choke from Cyborg? Yes, please.


 Even the worst spots have potential for submissions

I love when techniques start from dreaded positions that we so often encounter in our BJJ voyage. There always seems to be those common spots we get stuck in, and this is definitely one of them. Your opponent shoots in on you for the single leg and you’re deadlocked in the space where quick thinking is critical. In this moment your teetering on the verge of countering or being taken down. What does your percentage of success look like? Have a look at this amazing loop choke counter to the single leg from the man himself, Cyborg.

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This is a simple way to thwart off the single if you can commit it to memory. Cyborg starts with the key principle of not being above the body of your partner in this position, as to not give the opportunity to sit out and call up other various counters. He also mentions that if one leg is controlled (like it is here) the other leg can not be on the ground. This makes a ton of sense, but maybe we’ve been overlooking it. His left hand has the duty of blocking the shoulder, while his right hand is charged with blocking the hip. Together all these elements give cyborg time to mount his offense. Without these important principles in place, the takedown would probably have already been finished. This may be the most important part of this video.

For the submission Cyborg threads his left hand into the collar in typical loop choke fashion, he then lays to his side, reaches his right arm through to his partners triceps, pinches his left elbow, and forces the tap. This is simple, IF you pay close attention to the positional details that stave off the single leg in the first place. A beautiful technique from Cyborg!

Cyborg will be soon releasing his new instructional from BJJ Fanatics, but until it arrives get your LOOP CHOKE fix from Alexandre Vieira and his Crucix and Loop Choke series.  You can get it here from BJJ Fanatics!




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