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A Great Answer to the Standing Guard Pass with Mario Delgado

A Great Answer to the Standing Guard Pass with Mario Delgado


A Dangerous Guard Is A Powerful Tool

Passing the guard without the gi has its own set of concepts that must be adhered to. We commonly see practitioners electing to stand up when choosing their preferred method of getting by the legs. Standing up to pass puts gravity on our side and makes it more difficult for our partner to stay connected to our body during the passing attempt.

From the bottom, we can take advantage of this style of passing by creating a break in our partners posture (in this case with a high guard) as he/she begins their transition to the feet. In this video Renzo Gracie black belt, Mario Delgado demonstrates a very nice high guard arm bar that’s executed during our partners shift to a standing position. Have a look.

This armlock is pretty user friendly, and very smooth. The movements are minimal, which is always good, and the payoff is huge.

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As his partner begins to stand Delgado uses his legs to climb into a high guard configuration. He then raises his hips and very simply reaches his right hand to the back side of his partners right leg creating a trap. With a slight adjustment Delgado makes the turn necessary to put himself into a finishing position.

This is a great answer to the standing guard pass in no gi, and it also reminds us of the importance of our posture when standing to pass the guard. Give this a try during your next training session, and see if it fits into your game. Get to work!

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