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You’ll Never Guess Who’s about to Help you Open the Closed Guard

You’ll Never Guess Who’s about to Help you Open the Closed Guard


Fine Details, And Positional Superiority Allow This Pass To Succeed!

Opening the closed guard can present all kinds of problems to the passer. Especially in the case where size is a factor, and were dealing with someone much bigger and stronger than ourselves. During much of my time training, the best information that’s been offered to me on passing the closed guard, has almost always required me to stand up. In many of the instructionals featuring the highest-level practitioners, standing to open the closed guard is extremely common, and seems to be the weapon of choice.

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Check out this video from Bernardo Faria and his student Dan McCarthy. McCarthy is 50 years old and he trains with Bernardo at his academy. He’s got a very unique and user-friendly way to open the guard that you should see. Check it out!

The technique seems to start out in a very traditional fashion of standing up to pass, but McCarthy does something a little unusual that gives his pass an edge. He takes an exaggerated first step almost all the way to Faria’s shoulder. This gives him an incredible amount of posture as he makes his way to his feet. He pinches his knees, clamping Faria's hips, and making it much easier to open up the guard with a push on the inside of the knee. Phenomenal details.

The pass gets even more interesting with the next transition. Where we may expect a stacking style pass or common over the leg pass, McCarthy instead chooses to step back and maintain control of Faria’s leg. He then pulls on the leg and arm of Faria to steer him right into the knee on belly position.

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This is a really great guard opening option, and an extremely well thought out pass. It's awesome to see a great technique from a daily practitioner. It makes us wonder what other priceless gems of technique are out there amidst the unknowns of BJJ. Always keep learning, and creating! Get to work!

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