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To The Blue Belts Competing in ADCC Trials Next Weekend

To The Blue Belts Competing in ADCC Trials Next Weekend


Get After It. It Only Takes One Good Day...

The 2018 ADCC North American qualifier is finally on the horizon. It will be taking place on November 3rd at Central Regional High School in Bayville, NJ. The event will be run by Professor Tom DeBlass, and he has some words for you here:

I attended the last qualifier in 2016, and witnessed some of the most exciting and high level BJJ at any competitive event I’ve ever had the pleasure of observing. As the herd thinned the matches became even more intense and interesting, and the energy in the room was nothing short of electric.

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I know for certain that there will be blue belts taking part next weekend in New Jersey at the North American ADCC qualifier. And to all of you, you deserve a great deal of respect. This is the Olympics of grappling, and to know that you love and believe in your jiu-jitsu this much, this early on in your journey, is an inspiration to your training partners, your academy, and your professors.

It is possible for you to win. It is 100% in the realm of possibility for you to walk out of that building on that day, an ADCC trials champion. You’ve no doubt been preparing like you’ve never prepared for anything else to this date. And if it is to be your day, your sacrifices and hard work will be rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip to the biggest grappling stage in the world. Winning this competition will instantly catapult you into a different area code of BJJ status. Are you ready?

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As Professor Tom DeBlass says, “All you need is one good day, you win this competition, you’re a household name in jiu-jitsu”. Don’t forget it.

We are rooting for you, we are proud of you, and we know you will give your best. Best of luck to you all, and no matter what happens, treat the experience as a positive one and grow from it. Go get it! See you there.

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