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A Recap Of Kasai Pro 4

A Recap Of Kasai Pro 4


Highlights from this weekend's grappling event...

Kasai Pro 4 took place Saturday November 10th. The event was held in New York City and billed as an eight man nogi round –robin event at 145lbs.  Rounds were scheduled for 6 minutes.

EBI champion John Calestine withdrew from the event. He cited back injury as the cause. Fellow team member Gordon Ryan was declared unable to compete by NYSAC commission.

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Gordon Ryan took to social media the following statement, “The problem we are having with the NYSAC is that they needed to do the test for the viral load since obviously the antibody test would come back positive. Being as there were only 2 days to get the results it simply not enough time. They had to send my blood to another lab to count the viral load and the results wont be in until next week. So let me make this clear. I was born with hepatitis C. I was treated when I was 12 and I was cleared every single year after. The NYSAC needs a test from less than 2 weeks ago which I do not have. Just so there are no misconceptions… I DO NOT HAVE HEPATITIS C. I know my viral load is undetectable but I cant prove that to the NYSAC without the test and the results wont be in until next week. I’m very sorry to everyone who was looking forward to watching me compete. All the ones who purchased flograppling and bought tickets just to see me. Hopefully next time we will have more notice to get all the blood work sorted out before hand and I can give you all the show you’re looking for. I’ll see you all tonight and sorry again guys theres nothing we could do. Matheus even agreed to have the match but the athletic commission wouldn’t allow it.”

Despite the loss of Calestine and Ryan, many declared the event a success. The event’s super fights ended with Matheus Lutes (Alliance)  victorious of  Jeremiah Vance (10th Planet) ) via submission and Renato Canuto (Tio Chico JJ/Zenith) victorious over  Vagner Rocha (Vagner Rocha Martial Arts) via points.  The round robin event ended with  Gianni Grippo (Alliance) victorious over Paulo Miyao (Unity JJ) via points. Augusto Mendes took 3rd place (Soul Fighters) with a victory via points over Frank Rosenthal (Renzo Gracie Academy).

This weekend proved exciting for grappling fans. With the UFC Fights Night, Kasai Pro and regional shows like Sapateiro there were many exciting options for the grappling aficionado.

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