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ADCC North American Qualifier 2018- The Toughest Tournament in America

ADCC North American Qualifier 2018- The Toughest Tournament in America


Tom DeBlass has a message for all those competing in the ADCC North American Qualifier tomorrow:

“You have prepared so hard, then the day comes and so many freeze. You have taken super fights against lesser opponents, you talked that talk, then the day comes to compete against the elite and you freeze. What a shame, so many people put in the hard work only to show up and find a way out. Shit, some do not show up at all, pressure causes some to crack. You know, one thing I always think about. Win or lose I made a promise to myself, SHOW UP. When I go home and look at my children I know they can be proud of their father, because I am no coward. Are there men who can beat me? Sure. Are there men that can break me,  NEVER. Man up, woman up, show up, believe. Tomorrow you enter the most important tournament of your life, come back with your shield, or on it. No bitchassness allowed. LETS GO!”

This was taken from Professor DeBlass’ Facebook just moments ago. Even if you’re not competing tomorrow, you can’t help but be inspired by this man’s words.

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Leading up to this competition I keep hearing it being described as “The Toughest Tournament in America”. Looking through the list of names, I have to say I agree. There will be more talent in that room tomorrow than we can possibly imagine. Its going to be an amazing showcase of some of the best jiu-jitsu in the world. Here’s a quick segment on the 66kg division from Flo Grappling. I can only say WOW.

What does it mean to be taking part in the toughest tournament in America? It means you believe wholeheartedly in your jiu-jitsu. It means you are confident in your abilities, and it means your willing to put everything on the line to prove it.

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I don’t feel this competition has received the attention it deserves in the days leading up to it. I feel that its magnitude has been understated. But I am certain of one thing. After tomorrows events, there will be much to talk about for weeks to come.

Good luck to all of the competitors tomorrow. The BJJ world will be watching.

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