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Rafael Lovato Jr. Meets Josh Hinger at Fight 2 Win 95

Rafael Lovato Jr. Meets Josh Hinger at Fight 2 Win 95


F2W Light Heavyweight Title Up for Grabs

Rafael Lovato Jr. is one of the most decorated American grapplers to ever step on the jiu jitsu competitive mats.  He was only the 2nd American to have ever won the coveted IBJJF World Championship and has gone on to when the No Gi Worlds on three different occasions.  Having made the transition to MMA, he has amassed an amazing 9-0 record and is now fighting for the Bellator promotion.

Josh Hinger is an ultra-tough Atos black belt out of San Diego who himself has won 2 No Gi World titles.  Known for his creative use of his namesake Hingertine variation of the guillotine, he too also spent time fighting mixed martial arts early in his days of training jiu jitsu.

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These two warriors are now slated to meet for the light heavyweight title at Fight 2 Win 95 in San Diego.  Lovato has been absent from BJJ competition since he defeated Tim Spriggs for this title back at F2W 64.  Hinger on the other hand has been actively competing in BJJ.  The two of them met relatively recently at the IBJJF Masters World Championships in 2017 where Lovato walked away from the match victorious by mounted collar choke.

It remains to be seen if Lovato's time away from strictly BJJ in favor of MMA might impact this match.  Without a doubt, one thing for sure, it will be an exciting match as neither athlete knows how to put on a boring match!

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