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Add Some Russian Style To Your North South Choke!

Add Some Russian Style To Your North South Choke!



Rustam Chsiev North South Choke

Who is Rustam Chsiev?  The “Russian Bear” Rustam Chsiev is one of the greatest wrestlers to compete in submission grappling. He holds winds over some of the best Jiu Jitsu athletes in the world. Rafael Lovato Jr. (IBJJF world champion & ADCC silver medalist) Romulo Barral (ADCC & IBJJF World champion) and Davi Ramos (ADCC champion) are a few of the Jiu Jitsu practitioners that he has beaten.

Chsiev was born in North Ossetia, Russia. Ossetians are an Iranian ethnic group of the Caucasus Mountains. They often speak Ossetic, an Iranian language as well as Russian.  At the age of 10, Rustam started training in free style wrestling. It is often rumored that he has a Sambo background. However, Chsiev has dismissed that rumor.

Ready to Grapple Like Russian Bear?


His path to submission grappling excellence has been rather unorthodox. After college, he moved to the United States so that he could train with Murat Keshtov.  He won a bronze at the world renowned ADCC tournament in 2015. He lost by a controversial referee decision to Keenan Cornelius in the semifinals. He holds victories over former UFC champion Luke Rockhold in a 2010 "Grappler's Quest" event.  It is notable that he also did very well at Eddie Bravo Invitational 6. He made it to the finals but lost to the great Gordon Ryan.

Chsiev is as renowned for his strength and his strong submission defense.  He often stands victorious against jiu-jitsu practitioners in their own events. His wrestling is beyond legendary.

In this video Rustam Chsiev shows his north south choke. Like a lot of his technique is done differently that traditional Jiu Jitsu technique. However, it is brutally effective. He moves to the north south positon. Inevitably, the bottom player will want to create space and escape.  Rustam wraps both arms around his opponent’s arms. His arms are coming from the bottom to the top of his opponent. Chsiev now pays close attention to whichever side his opponent moves to escape. If his training partner moves to the left side he moves his wrist to the chin on that side and drops his weight for a quick tap. He does the same if his training partner moves to the right side. Either path to escape is blocked by a powerful submission. Well done Rustam. I can’t wait to try this variation of the north south choke.

This video is a wonderful example of Rustam’s ability to communicate techniques to even novice grapplers.  Like all of Chsiev’s instructional videos, there is a lot of detail. I know that I often gain new insights every time I re-watch one of his videos. The wrestling and submission grappling displayed in Rustam Chsiev’s instructional videos have a profound impact on anyone who makes a careful study of them. Certainly, the Jiu Jitsu community is lucky to have him.

Rustam Chsiev is one of the best Russian grapplers.  He's competed in just about every type of grappling competition; including ADCC (Bronze), EBI and more.  He's faced and BEATEN many top level grapplers including: Roberto Cyborg Abreu, Joao Assis, Orlando Sanchez, Romulo Barral, Rafael Lovato, Alexandre Ceconi, Gary Tonon, DJ Jackson and UFC Champ Luke Rockhold. His DVD / On Demand Series: Russian Hacks will... without a doubt... take your grappling skills to levels only a pissed off Russian Bear would dream of.


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