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Add These Butterfly Guard Attacks To Your Game

Add These Butterfly Guard Attacks To Your Game


Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa has one of the most effective and dynamic butterfly guard games in the world.

Check out these butterfly guard attacks that will instantly raise your level of attacks in gi and no gi Jiu Jitsu

Rafael Formiga Barbosa of Soul Fighters Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a master attacking sweeps and submissions from the butterfly guard.


He is one of the original founders of Soul Fighters is has won multiple IBJJF World's Masters Championships as well as medalled in the IBJJF Adult World Championships multiple times.

Formiga shows a jiu-jitsu sweep from butterfly guard using the arm across from an arm-drag or from pass attempt.

The arm across attack is one of Formiga's favorites and you can regularly see him hit it in Jiu Jitsu competition.

From the arm across attack, he also shows you how to get the back from butterfly guard.

If you feel comfortable in butterfly guard, x-guard and single leg x-guard, then you have to check out Rafael Formiga Barbosa's Butterfly Guard DVD / On Demand Series.  It's an absolute necessary to learn how to use "hooks" for jiu jitsu.


Here are some of the techniques you will learn in this butterfly guard DVD series by Formiga

Volume 1: Butterfly Sweeps and Counters

  • Butterfly Guard Entries 1
  • Butterfly Guard Entries 2
  • Ankle Pick Sweep From Butterfly 1
  • Ankle Pick Sweep From Butterfly 2
  • Counter To Side Smash Guard Pass
  • Formiga's Famous Butterfly Guard Fly Sweep
  • Arm lock From Butterfly Sweep
  • Counter To Underhook Guard Pass
  • Break dance Butterfly Guard Sweep
  • Over/Under Guard Pass Counter
  • Butterfly Duck Under
  • Duck Under Guard Sweep
  • Torreando Guard Pass Counter
  • Butterfly Sweep Variation

Volume  2: X Guard and Deep Half

  • Entrance To X Guard From Butterfly
  • X Guard Sweep
  • X Guard Backup Sweep
  • X Guard Step over Sweep
  • X Guard Sweep To Double Under
  • Fake 50/50 guard Sweep
  • Technical Standup
  • X Guard To Deep Half Guard
  • 50/50 Sweep
  • 50/50 Back take
  • 50/50 Pass
  • 50/50 Leg drag


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