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Is A Float Tank The Right Way To Recover From Jiu Jitsu For Me?

Is A Float Tank The Right Way To Recover From Jiu Jitsu For Me?


Exploring the float tank trend in Jiu Jitsu…

Float tanks, also known as isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks have been the recent trend in Jiu Jitsu. They bring to mind the recovery baths the brotherhood would take in the movie Wanted. In fact, they have been around for a while. John C. Lilly developed the isolation tank in 1954. He was a neuropsychiatrist and used the tanks in psychoanalysis experiments with LSD.  In modern times, Podcast host, UFC commentator and Jiu Jitsu black belt Joe Rogan, UFC veteran Tom Watson, Celebrity Chef and Jiu Jitsu practitioner Anthony Bourdain have all touted the benefits of float tanks.

The water in a sensory deprivation tank is gently heated to skin temperature.  Epson salt is added to the water to increase buoyancy.  The magnesium from the salt is beneficial to your skin, joints muscles and ligaments. Additionally the buoyancy from the salt relieves all pressures. Some studies have also reported that the tank aids in recovery by reducing the blood lactate levels.

There is also a psychological benefit to using the float; being able to mentally shut off.  In today’s world of being over connected it is nice to be disconnected from everything. Some have used the tank for mental visualization or game planning. Interestingly,  some have also reported hallucinations while using the tank.

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UFC Commentator, Podcast Host and Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Joe Rogan has advocated the benefits of using a float tank. Joe Rogan expands upon the psychological benefits of a float tank, “there is so much thinking that goes on in that tank. There is so much evolution that goes on in there. It seems like it’s almost impossible to do outside of it, because there’s no distractions in there, nothing at all. It’s just a thought. It’s an amazing environment. It really should be taught in schools. All universities should have them. They should have them and they should make them available to all of their students. One of the greatest tools ever for exploring, thinking, exploring the way you think, and sort of making an audit of all your own personal thoughts and ideas—which ones you’re hanging onto because of your ego, which ones you’re hanging onto because they are beneficial to you, which ones you’re hanging onto because you hate your dad and you know he put these in your head. And so they’re stuck in there. And it’s so fascinating, man, and so few people do it.”

What are your thoughts on float tanks? What are your favorite ways to recover from training? With costs ranging from 50-100 dollars per session, float tanks might be a good way to augment tradition recovery methods.

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