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Finally Escape The Dreaded North South Position

Finally Escape The Dreaded North South Position


Escaping the North South Position is one of the most challenging positions to escape - in fact most jiu jitsu coaches even say that there is not much you can do from there!

Well - leave it to Bernardo Faria to show you how to escape the dreaded north south position as well as many other challenging positions to escape in jiu jitsu.

Bernardo Faria is a IBJJF World Champion... actually he's a 5 time IBJJF World Champion under Alliance, and considered one of the top Super Heavy Weights of our generation.

He's regarded as having one of the best half guard in the world, and is also know for his ability to escape and defend every thing.

In this jiu jitsu escape instructional video, Bernardo Faria shows you his tried and true escape from the north south position.


A big part of escaping the north south position in jiu jitsu is remaining safe and patient when looking to escape.

One of Bernardo's favorite escapes from the north south position is to escape back into the deep half guard position (Bernardo's favorite guard).

The secret to this jiu jitsu escape technique, is controlling your opponents pant legs and using footwork to bring your opponent into the half guard to attack from there.

If you want to have the confidence to Escape Everything like Bernardo Faria, check out his DVD Series called... Escape Everything.


Here's what's included in the Escapes Everything DVD Series with Bernardo Faria

 - Mount Escape Principles

- Elbow Escape From Mount

- High Mount Escape

- Escape From Mount to Deep Half Guard

- Escape From Mount With an Underhook to Deep Half Guard

- Bridge Mount Escape

- Bridge From Under Mount to Elbow Escape

- Escape From Mount to One Leg x Guard

- Counter to the Elbow Escape

- Back Escape Principles

- Basic Escape from Back Mount to Z Guard

- Back Escape to Half Guard

- Back Escape To Deep Half Guard

- Body Triangle Escape

- Back Choke Escape

- Preventing Opponents' Leg To Trap Your Arm While In Back Control

- Turtle Escape Principles

- Basic Turtle Escape

- Turtle Escape

- Rolling Escape From Turtle With One Hook In

- Side Control Escape Principles

- Basic Side Control Escape

- Side Control Escape To Single Leg

- Side Control Escape To Deep Half Guard

- Side Control Escape Rolling The Opponent To North South

- Side Control Escape When Opponent Has Both Hands On One Side

- 100 Kilo Position Escape

- Side Control Escape From Torriando

- Side Control Rolling Away From Opponent

- North South Escape

- Knee Bar From Over / Under Brother

- North South Escape Opponent Has Both Arms Over

- North South Escape When Opponent Has Over/Under

- Kimura Escape From Deep Half Guard

- Kimura Escape From Deep Deep Half Guard

- Darce/Arm Triangle Escape

- Avoiding The Straight Arm Bar From Closed Guard

- Basic Arm Bar Escape when The Opponent Break The Grip

- Arm Bar Escape Stacking

- Arm Lock Escape To Deep Half

- Triangle Escape

- Omoplata Escape

- Omoplata Escape With Knee On Belly

- Guillotine Escape

- Arm in Arm Out Guillotine Escape

- Escape from Closed Guard Guillotine

- Straight Foot Lock Escape

- Choke Escape

- Kimura Escape From Over Under Pass



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