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An Amazing Version of the Omoplata by Professor Thamires Aquino

An Amazing Version of the Omoplata by Professor Thamires Aquino


Awesome Entry To The Omoplata!

The omoplata, one of my favorite techniques has always been taught to me by bringing your leg over your opponents’ shoulder with their arm bent at an angle, controlling the leg to stop your opponent from rolling and doing a plyometric type sit up into an S formation and leaning toward your opponents opposite shoulder to achieve the submission.

Bernardo Faria has some sick omoplatas too. His tips unlock the secrets of not only securing the omoplata position, but finishing the submission too - which can is the REAL challenge.


So when I saw the below video of the very accomplished 24 year old black belt Thamires Aquino submit Professor Faria in a very different way I was in awe and anxious to give it a try.

The variation Professor Aquino demonstrates starts out in spider guard with her left foot on the right bicep of her training partner and a same side grip on his left lapel. With the control of the spider guard, she first moves closer to the left side of her opponent and pulls him in that same direction which forces him to base on the floor with his left hand, at which point she brings her right leg to her opponents shoulder, she does not follow through to in front of his shoulder but stops at the shoulder and keeps her leg parallel on his back.

Still holding on to the spider guard on her partners right side, she moves her left foot from his bicep to his forearm, this opens enough space to allow her to bring his arm back to meet her right foot that she has over Professor Farias’ back. Her right foot then hooks his bicep and she angles herself enough to be able to reach his elbow. Bringing her left foot over his head and getting a two-handed grip on his Gi at the elbow, she pulls her hook foot that’s holding his bicep back while pulling with the grip on his gi, giving him the same painful sensation of the omoplata in a very different way and ultimately getting the tap.  


Give it a try and don’t hesitate to check out BJJ FANATICS and the Professor Bernardo Faria has a few tips for you on securing the omoplata and getting the submission.

Tap Out Everyone In The Gym & In Tournaments With The Easiest Yet Most Ignored Submission To Get In BJJ.
Bernardo Faria Shows You His Secrets To Get & Finish The Omaplata On Everyone He Rolls With He Often Gets It 30x In A Row At Seminars Against BJJ Players Of All Levels Including Black Belts. Do you wish you had a move that you could always hit? Well you have one, you just don't know it yet
Learn the ins and outs of one of the most neglected submissions?



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