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Attack the Bow and Arrow Choke and Escape the Back with Lachlan Giles!

Attack the Bow and Arrow Choke and Escape the Back with Lachlan Giles!


Great details here on both ends of the spectrum from Giles!

I often recommend the bow and arrow choke as a great strangle for students to begin working with. I feel that it enforces the classic idea of the thumb in grip in the lapel, utilizes the gi nicely, and that the workings of the submission are quite natural and user friendly. Done properly, the bow and arrow is tough to escape and it’s a high percentage attack that many have lots of success with.

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Lachlan Giles breaks down the bow and arrow nicely in this video. He points out some key details and gives clear and concise instruction on the mechanics that are used to complete this classic choke. Have a look!

He starts by addressing an important theme. Once the back mount is established, your opponent’s focus will turn solely to your hands and efforts at attacking their neck. If you can snag the lapel in a transitional period while your taking the back, your chances of finishing will go up drastically. During the time where we are acquiring the back, many of your opponents will tend to pay more attention to defending the hooks from being set. This allows us opportunity to secure that thumb in their collar during our transition to the back. Keep this in mind!

As Giles secures his seatbelt grip, he’s cognizant of hiking his hands nice and high. This provides more control and better access to the neck. It also closes the gap that his partner will put his hands in to defend. With the seatbelt high on the body Giles can find a moment to turn the lapel outward and pass it to his right hand to acquire the thumb in grip. Turning the lapel out will provide extra security when gripping it. Giles then adjusts, positioning his bottom leg across his partners belt line, and rotates to 90 degrees, while acquiring some material on the pants of his partner. Giles’ leg closest to his partners head (in this case his right leg) then covers his partners shoulder. With the pinch of his elbow and squeezing of the knees his partner is forced to tap.

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The second part of this video deals with escaping the back. It’s important once your back has been taken that your attention turns to your neck. If its in immediate danger, you’ll need to work to undo the threat. If you’ve found yourself in good position with no imminent threat, you can begin to scrape your opponent from your back.

Giles first secures material on his partners gi at the cuff and above the elbow. The next order of business is to get his head below his partners and to the floor. He bridges and continues to walk to bring his shoulders closer to the mat. A critical error can be made here by trying to turn back into your partner. You will almost certainly have your back re-taken if you choose to do this. Giles continues to walk until his hips and shoulders are free. It’s here that Giles can make his decision whether to reestablish a form of guard, or if the conditions are right, he can attempt to make his way to the top.

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