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Be Thankful for the Opportunity to Train

Be Thankful for the Opportunity to Train


In BJJ, Everyday Is A Good Day, No Matter What!

As BJJ practitioners we have been blessed with the opportunity to train and introduce others to BJJ. I sometimes see how frustrated people become with their own progress. Being serious about your goals, and wanting to see them come to fruition is a good thing. From the moment we start, we quickly seem to develop a sense of where we want to be, and what we need to do to get there. Work hard, and make discipline your best friend to reach those goals. But, always remember how fortunate you are to be on the mat.

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During periods of great frustration and plateaus, I find it very important to keep this mind. How fortunate I am to have been introduced to BJJ. Remember that you are part of a small faction of people that have taken the steps to become part of something amazing.

Progress happens as a byproduct of using discipline to show up. If you train a lot you WILL go through periods of stagnation, it’s a reality. If you are showing up, you ARE getting better.

Don’t let a couple tough days put you in a bad headspace. Treat your plateaus as periods of growth. Your brain is digesting all the amazing things you’re learning. And remember, you are TRAINING, and so many are not.

So, the next time you’re feeling stuck or having a bad streak of training days, practice some extra gratitude and take comfort in knowing that you’ll come out on the other side feeling like a machine.

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