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Bait Your Opponent’s into the Crucifix with Alexandre Vieira

Bait Your Opponent’s into the Crucifix with Alexandre Vieira


Slick Trap To The Crucifix Position!

The crucifix position has been utilized by high level tacticians of BJJ for years. Mostly being used in the gi realm it offers us many opportunities to submit. The constricting nature of the position along with both of our opponents’ arms being trapped, gives us access to the neck that is perhaps unlike any other position. If our crucifix is set firmly in place, we have the ability to use both of our hands against an almost completely subdued opponent. This allows us time and options when choosing how we prefer to end the fight.

Not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at this simple transition to the crucifix from the back-mount position. In this video Alexandre Vieira demonstrates a very user-friendly way to secure a crucifix.

Vieira starts in a very typical back mount configuration with two hooks in, and he chooses to fall to the under-hook side. As he attacks his partners neck with his over hook side arm, his partner will naturally defend. This gives Viera the opportunity to direct his partner’s arm to the underside of his top leg, trapping it. Vieira’s top hook will now slide behind his partners back, further trapping the arm and keeping it secure.

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The stage is now set for Vieira to allow his partner to begin escaping. As his partner begins to move out of the back control, he funnels himself directly into the crucifix position. An interesting detail here is the way Vieira lets his right leg ride in between his partners legs once the crucifix has been established. This seems to provide an extra level of control.

Once the crucifix has been achieved Viera now has a wide variety of attacks at his disposal.

This is a very simple way to bait your partner into a solid crucifix so you can begin to get some practice from the position. Enjoy!

For more on the crucifix position, check out Alexandre Vieira's Crucifix and Loop Choke instructional.  You can get it here from BJJ Fanatics!




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