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Are You Making this Common Mistake While Hip Escaping?

Are You Making this Common Mistake While Hip Escaping?


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The hip escape. Of course, you know how to do it. You train BJJ. The hip escape is quite possibly one of the most important skills you’ll ever learn during your BJJ voyage. It’s a simple movement once you get it down, and it shows up in nearly every BJJ technique as a key component. So, it makes sense that we always focus on the hip escape. We do length of the mat drills before class, we hip escape in place as part of our warm up, its an integral part of our BJJ.

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There is however a proper way to do the hip escape to get the most out of it. As important as the hip escape is, it also may be one of the most overlooked movements we do in BJJ. Often times students take it for granted as being just a part of the warmup. Make sure your hip escape is solid and that you’re not perpetuating any bad habits. Have a look at this video from Bernardo Faria. Are you making this common mistake while hip escaping?

In the traditional hip escape our pushing power comes from the top leg. This is the leg that will be available to you when you need to make space in an effort to recompose your guard.  Faria discusses the mistake of using the bottom leg to hip escape instead. Often times well see bad habits created early, where for example a student will use the correct leg on one side and the incorrect leg when switching to the other side. The longer you feed this habit the harder it will be to overcome.

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If this is something you do, fix it up! You may not even know you’re doing it. Go slow and analyze your hip escape. It’s a building block of your BJJ foundation and should not be overlooked!

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