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Armbars With Logan Stieber

Armbars With Logan Stieber


A straight arm bar from mount is one of the first submissions most people learn and feel comfortable with in Jiu Jitsu.

The learning curve is fast, there isn’t a grocery list of steps to remember, and it can be done from a fairly common position. For a while this particular armbar is probably just thought of as the only one, until suddenly and entire world of armlocks comes into play and you realize the vast number of options available to you. One fighter known for his armbar technique is Logan Stieber; he often achieves taps with seemingly complicated armbar setups, but you can do them too! There are so many different armbars to discuss, but today we’ll stick to the wrist roll and a thread the needle armbar. Take a look at the series by Logan to get even more instruction! 

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Near wrist roll: 

This arm bar originates from the back, with your opponent in a turtle-like position. Push them forward so both arms come forward to base (they’ll want to avoid face planting on the mat) and as you move to one side place a wrist ride grip on that same side wrist. Make contact with their scapula or shoulder joint area with your chest, with your free arm wrapped either under there stomach for no gi or you can be holding the belt in gi; simultaneously pull the arm you have a wrist ride on the back so they are laying with one arm in front of them and the other back at their side. At this point you’ll want their arm to bend at the elbow and come across the small of the back with the palm facing out all while keeping contact with your chest and maintaining that wrist grip. Switch your grips, moving the hand you have free to grab the wrist, and the arm that 

was previously holding the wrist under the arm to get the armlock hold. Pull the arm down to their side to finish the submission. 

Thread the needle: 

Another techniquer from the back begins with a hook in on the side you are, with a crossbody hook under the opposite arm. If they resist being pulled onto their back towards you then you can take your free arm and shoot it through their legs and catch the wrist that is by the thigh. At that point you will roll with the shoulder nearest to your opponents head to the mat while looking the opposite direction. You will land with their arm and leg trapped so they aren’t able to bridge or escape. This move is intended to be used if your partner counters your arm bar attack as a way to pin them in another vulnerable position. 

There are so many different arm locks to be used in Jiu Jitsu that it can seem overwhelming when trying to piece together how to get to each one. Take some time to become familiar with one or two that originate in positions you find yourself in frequently, or that counter attacks you often face. This will enable you to become more efficient in not only these techniques and submissions, but also open up more options so you aren’t trapped in the same positions as frequently. Once you are able to see those through to completion you can evaluate other options from new starting points and repeat the process; this enables your grappling game to expand slowly but precisely with good foundations and correct execution. 

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