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Loyalty and Trust

Loyalty and Trust


Such simple words, with such a deep meaning.  What does loyalty mean in Jiu Jitsu?

Loyalty has several faces when we look at how it applies to Jiu Jitsu.  For example, loyalty applies to loyalty to your lineage and your academy. For me personally, I feel the most important loyalty in Jiu Jitsu is loyalty to your professor.  I think that this is a likely a touchy subject for some, but my thoughts are that once you find a Jiu Jitsu “home” with an instructor you feel confident in, you should remain loyal to that instructor at all times. 

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This also means checking to see how they feel about you attending the open mat at the Jiu Jitsu school across town. This also includes coaching someone at a competition if they aren’t on your team and competing against someone who is. 

Loyalty also applies to your teammates.  Loyalty to your teammates comes in to play in a few areas.  First and foremost, it’s always showing up when they need you, whether that is for a competition, an extra training session, or something personal. 

Being loyal to your teammates is also continuing to show up and train with them, day in and day out they are counting on you to be there to help them progress, just as you rely on them to help you progress.  I also feel that loyalty and trust go hand in hand and for me you should be able to trust your teammates will always create a safe training environment when you train together so that neither of you get hurt.  

It seems like some academies and some lineages are encourage this more than others, but at the end of the day loyalty and trust define your character and ultimately, who you are as a person.   Set the right example and always play it safe whenever this is any question whatsoever. 

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You should also be loyal to your takedown game…. 

While that seems like a cheesy statement, it rings true for a lot of practitioners.  How many times do we start live training or rolling on our knees? I’ll wait…..

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