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BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide:  Closed Guard

BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide: Closed Guard


We are currently knee deep in the holiday season and you are probably looking for some last minute gift ideas for your favorite jiu jiteiros or even yourself.  What better to have your friends or significant others get you than some of the best BJJ instructional materials out there from BJJ Fanatics.  Let's take a look at all of the great DVD and On Demand instructionals available focused on making your Close Guard impassable and a deadly place to end up for your opponents.  Invest in these resources and 2018 will be a very bad year for your opponents and training partners if they get stuck in your closed guard.

The closed guard is one of the first positions we train from and it is also one of the least developed positions, because as new practitioners, we are eager to learn 'fancier' or more complicated techniques.  At the end of the day, the closed guard is one of the best positions because of how protected you are from the offensive attacks of your opponent.  One of BJJ Fanatics' resident experts is Rodrigo Artilheiro and his new instructional "Lazy Closed Guard" might be just the thing to jumpstart your game and bring the pain in 2018.  And by pain, we mean lots of frustration and tapping from your opponents when they get stuck in your closed guard.  

With nearly 50 techniques included on this 4 DVD set, you are getting an amazing deal for only $77 or less than $2 per technique!  Check it out here!

There are not many BJJ competitors and instructors as accomplished as Bernardo Faria.  Besides having a legendary competitive career including 5 world championships, Bernardo is also one of the most sought after instructors for seminars and is constantly booked around the world sharing his knowledge.  What makes his style great is that Bernardo may not be the most athletic, the strongest or faster BJJ player, but he prides himself on being the most knowledgeable about the positions that work for him.

Closed guard is one of those positions for Bernardo Faria and you too can benefit from his world-class level of insight about the nuances of this sometimes forgotten position.  This would make an amazing gift for your friend or yourself and will guarantee you endless success from this foundational position, the Close Guard.  It is available in 4 volumes either separately or in one easy to use On Demand package.  Check it out here on sale today!


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