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BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide:  Submission Escapes

BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide: Submission Escapes


Finding the right gift for someone can sometimes be a challenge.  The stores are filled with holiday gifts that are equal parts cliche and thoughtless.  What is the best gift you can give someone who shares your love of BJJ and grappling?  The gift of knowledge is a great option and you've come to the right place as we explore all of the different instructional series available from BJJ Fanatics.

Escaping submissions is an area we can all use more help with.  The more impervious we are to the offensive game of our training partners and opponents, the easier it will be implement your own game plan, because you will not be concerned about the attacks that are thrown your way.  Each of these series highlighted below, will guarantee you will be frustrating your opponents well into 2018 and beyond.

ADCC and MMA veteran Tom DeBlass has been training with sharks since he was a whitebelt under Renzo Gracie black belt Ricardo Almeida.  Early on, he was chosen to help train with Renzo Gracie for his fight with BJ Penn.  To say, he had to become adept at escaping submissions quickly is an understatement.  Check out this simple, yet unique technique from Tom DeBlass that will give you a preview of his new "Submission Escapes" instructional.

 Get "Submission Escapes", Tom DeBlass' eagerly anticipated follow up to his best selling "Half Domination" and "12 Weeks to Ripped".   Everyone's new year's resolution is to avoid getting tapped, whether they admit it or not.  Help them out this year!


 Dean Lister has been competing on world class stages for nearly 20 years.  There is nothing he has not seen when it comes to grappling.  His stoic demeanor and feared leg attacks have made him one of the premier grapplers in American history.  Part of his calm presentation comes from the knowledge that his ability to escape submissions is at the highest level possible.

 Check out this preview video where Dean shares one of his favorite omoplata escapes with Bernardo Faria.

 Get ADCC and UFC veteran, Dean Lister's "Worry Free Escapes" in On Demand and DVD format available here. Leave all the tapping to the Grinch's out there who don't take advantage of BJJ Fanatics On Demand or DVD lessons.


 Bernardo Faria is another premier instructor who's masterful and easy to implement techniques will change your game and make you almost impossible to submit.  Check out the sample video below which shows one of Bernardo's favorite guillotine escapes.

You cannot get much better instruction than 5 time world champion Bernardo Faria and his "Escapes from Anywhere" series, available here.  Bernardo Faria is well known for his level of instruction, but more for bringing holiday cheer to all of the practitioners out there who are able to implement his techniques without any special level of strength or athleticism.


Also feel free to check one of the best instructional video series The Escape Artist Series Part 1 by Adam Bradley and The Escape Artist Series Part 2 by Adam Bradley.



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