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BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide:  Judo

BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide: Judo


In this installment of the BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide is focused on helping inject your training with some much needed standing and takedown techniques.  These areas are often ignored by many jiu jitsu practitioners and academies, the majority of training starting and happening "from the knees."

What better gift to give that special jiu jiteiro in your life than the ability to effectively control their opponents on the feet and when the opportunity presents itself to take the action to the ground.  A decent working knowledge of judo can really go a long way to helping both your competitive jiu jitsu and your self defense.

For a deeper look at how judo can complement your grappling training, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics!

 Two of America's premiere Judo athletes and coaches are Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens.  Each have represented the art for the U.S. on the highest stage of the Olympics several times.  What makes Travis a perfect resource for the application of judo techniques for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the fact that he is a decorated black belt under John Danaher as well as being a judo black belt.

 Check out this example of the techniques that will bring your BJJ game to an entirely new level.



There is no better place to start your exploration of the nuances of both the standing and ground aspects of Judo, then by checking out the work of legendary athletes and coaches like Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens!


 Kayla Harrison is considered by most experts to be the greatest American judoka in history with two gold medals in back to back Olympics.  Her aggressive style and ground technique game would be a perfect ingredient to add to your BJJ game.  Check out the video below where Kayla demonstrates two different ways to pass the half guard, a position that can frustrate anyone.



One of the most accomplished judokas out there is Kayla Harrison!  You would be crazy to miss out on her "Real Judo Chop" instructional series, available here from BJJ Fanatics.

What you may not know is that judo is not all about stand up and takedowns.  The art has a very developed set of ground techniques that can be mastered and utilized specifically for use in your jiu jitsu game.   

For more from Jimmy Pedro that will definitely improve not only your ground judo skills, but also help take your guard passing in BJJ to another level, check out "Power Judo Guard Passing" available here from BJJ Fanatics.



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