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BJJ World Elite: Leandro Lo


Leandro Lo

When it comes to the modern elite of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world, the one man that you cannot ignore is Leandro Lo. Lo is a dominant force in some of the biggest tournaments in the world, including the Pan Am’s, Copa Podio, the Mundial’s and the World Championships. In addition to all the titles he has achieved, he has beaten the who’s who of world champs. Read below to learn about this soon to be BJJ legend…

Leandro Lo started practicing Jiu Jitsu in 2004 at PSLPB, led by Cicero Costha which became the home of the Miyao Brother’s. He was fierce at purple belt, medaling and winning different tournaments, where his spider guard and triangles were feared. Due to his hectic competition schedule, he suffered an injury and was able to work on other aspects of his game. Namely, Lo worked on his top game and passing, which would become synonymous with the domination he would showcase today.

It wasn’t until 2011 when Leandro would gain the true respect he deserved. In 2011, Lo beat Michael Langhi who had previously not lost a match in three straight years. In the years after, Lo would go on to win gold medals at the Pan Am’s, the World’s and the World Cup in Abu Dhabi. After success at lightweight, he decided to move up to middleweight, where he continued his winning ways. Not only at middleweight, but in the absolute class as well. As mentioned earlier, Leandro has beaten some of the biggest names in BJJ. Keenan Cornelius, Lucas Lepri, DJ Jackson, Clark Gracie and Victor Estima have all fallen to him in competition.

Leandro’s personal Jiu Jitsu game is a dangerous one. First and foremost, his top game is considered some of the best in the biz. He has very strong guard passes, and some great chokes from on top. In particular, he likes the cross choke from mount as he has won many matches with the technique. Lo also has developed a versatile guard off of his back, known as the Lo Guard which is a spider guard/de la riva guard hybrid. He uses his guard to get to the back or to get on top where can have his way. Leandro Lo is a Jiu Jitsu fighter to watch and study. His techniques are second to none. He has a comprehensive DVD that showcases his unstoppable passing game. Check it out below!


The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing 4 DVD Set by Leandro Lo


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