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Capitalize On Your Opponent's Offense

Capitalize On Your Opponent's Offense


The underhook is a very powerful technique that when achieved can change the course of an entire BJJ match if done properly.  The underhook allows you to control the direction and weight distribution of your opponent's body and can set up an endless variety of techniques.  To learn more about it's power, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics here.

But if not done perfectly and acted upon in with the proper technique and timing, even a strong position like the underhook can be capitalized upon by our opponents.  Jiu jitsu is a game of inches and of seconds.  An inch the wrong way and a submission will fail.  Applying a technique only a second late could mean that one's opponent escapes and begins to launch their own onslaught when just a second before they were about to be tapped out.

In the video below, 3 time ADCC North American Trials winner, UFC and Bellator veteran, Tom DeBlass shows how we can easily exploit the attempt at the underhook by the opponent who has us in half guard.  By capitalizing on our opponent's offense, we can quickly turn the tide and take them from progress to submission.

"T" Your Body to the Opponent 

When in the top half position, Tom DeBlass is a proponent of always working to "T" your body, to keep a near perpendicular body position.  This serves the purpose of keeping strong, stable position which prevents the bottom half guard player from getting underneath the hips and reversing the position.

Kimura under our nose

One of the best things the bottom half guard player can accomplish is a strong underhook.  But if you are in a T position, it is relatively easy to collapse on this underhook attempt and take away the power from the technique.  In doing so, DeBlass reveals that we are set up perfectly to begin attacking a kimura.  

After adjusting the hips to bring the near leg up underneath your opponent's leg, the kimura grip can be locked on.  Once you are squared back up with the person on bottom, it's time to seal the deal.

Walk the Elbow

DeBlass walks the elbow as far up towards the opponent's head as he can which will often times put enough pressure on the opponent's shoulder to force them to tap.  If it does not, then the elbow can be lifted and the submission secured.

So always keep in mind that for most positions, there will always be a powerful counter.  If you can radically turn the tables on someone who is making a powerful offensive statement, you will break not only their rhythm but their psyche and begin to take them down the path of their own destruction with the same gusto with which they through their offense at you.

If you like what Tom DeBlass does with the Kimura, you will also want to check out what Mau Mau Robson de Lima can share in his "Kimura as a way of doing BJJ" series on sale today for only $47!






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