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Celebrating the Masters

Celebrating the Masters


To paraphrase the great Neil Young and his epic track "Hey, Hey, My My" this is the week that the jiu jitsu celebrates the notion that it's truly better to "burn out than fade away," with the IBJJF Masters World Championships going on in Las Vegas.  Athletes over 30 years of age from around the world have convened this week to step on the competition mats at the most prestigious BJJ tournament aimed specifically at the mature grappler.

With age divisions covering folks all the way up to 60 years and above, it's a wonderful time for practitioners and fans to celebrate the notion that jiu jitsu is a life time sport and that it's never too late to get on those mats and train, working to become better versions of themselves and to even get out there and compete.  There is no shortage of grappling superstars and legends in each of the brackets.

Whether you're a competitor or just a practitioner, hopefully you're in it for the long haul.  One of the best ways to approach your BJJ is to keep a white belt mind and always be absorbing new techniques and trying new things, while simultaneously polishing the basics and the fundamentals.  BJJ Fanatics is your source for all of the best resources.  Let's highlight some of our "Masters" who are there to help you in your journey.

Check out this great choke submission set up from the double under pass by Daniel Beleza, one of the most accomplished of the Masters competitors we have had the pleasure to work with here at BJJ Fanatics.

 For more from Daniel Beleza, check out his aptly named "Masters Guard" series from BJJ Fanatics.  In his early 40's Daniel Beleza is considered to have one of the best guards in all of jiu jitsu.  You can learn directly from the source with this great instructional.  Get it here!



 Fabiano Scherner is one of the OGs of grappling and MMA.  This Gracie Barra black belt has been a 10 time Masters World Champion.  He has fought in the UFC and also served as the BJJ instructor and coach for people like Paige Van Zant and Chael Sonnen.

Check out this simple, but ultra-effective guard pass variation excerpted from his BJJ Fanatics instructional, "Mastering BJJ After 40".  Afterwards, check out the fantastic instructional for yourself.

 For more from Fabiano Scherner, check out "Mastering BJJ After 40" and get all of the secrets of this world champion that will keep you surprising the young guns at your gym for years to come.  Get it here!



 It is said that Helio Gracie trained jiu jitsu on the day he died at 95 years of age.  It should be every practitioners goal to be able to train as long as humanly possible.  This week's Masters World Championships just might get you inspired to get out there for the first time and lay it on the line.  It's never too late to go get it.  


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