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Champ Champ… Champ?

Champ Champ… Champ?


As many of you probably don’t know, Henry Cejudo won an Olympic gold medal in freestyle at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Not only did Henry win, but he also became the youngest American wrestler to accomplish this task as many hadn’t even given the (age) a chance.

Henry began his professional mixed martial arts career at the age of twenty-six.  Cejudo received a title berth early in his career with only fights behind him. Standing in his way was former pound for pound king, reigning flyweight champion Demetrius “Mightymouse” Johnson. As expected, Mightymouse stopped Henry in dominating fashion via round 2 ko.

Heartbroken, Henry Cejudo must’ve tapped back into that champion mindset because from that moment on, it was clear he is on a mission. Cejudo grinds his way back to another title shot after dominating wins over Wilson Reis, Sergio Pettis and others. Still as dominant as ever, Demetrius Johnson looked to defend his title against Cejudo for the second time, but Henry had legacy on his mind. DJ did what he could to keep his volume up and pressure forward, but Henry showcased his signature inside trip taking DJ down five times total. I mean, what did you expect? He did win Olympic gold! Cejudo bested Johnson in a hard fought unanimous decision to make history and become the only man to dethrone the p4p champ.

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Just about everyone in the mma community expected Mightymouse to receive an instant rematch for the title. I mean, he did defend his belt more times than anyone in history, but shortly after their second bout, the UFC traded Demetrius Johnson to One FC in return for “Funky” Ben Askren. I speak for everyone when I say that this served as a great shock for the whole community.

With the Flyweight division practically whiped out, Cejudo welcomed any and all challengers to step up to the plate, but who? Fellow wrestler and undisputed Bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw was coming off of his title defense ko over former champion and rival, Cody Garbrandt when he began shooting down Cejudos hype. TJ was certain that he was the force to be reckon with in the lighter divisions and after defeating Cejudo, he planned to jump to featherweight in hopes to dethrone Hawaii’s reigning champ Max “Blessed” Holloway. Dillashaws dreams were crushed after Henry takes him out in just 32 seconds! The two came out of the gates hard, with Cejudo landing a left head kick early to drop Dillashaw and finishing it up with a flurry punches before Herb Dean steps in. Once again, Henry shocks the world in a controlled fashion.

Henry agreed shortly after to a rematch against Dillashaw, but this time up at bantamweight in hopes that he may become the newest Champ Champ (or Champ Champ Champ if you consider his Olympic gold medal). After failing his post fight drug screening for EPO, Dillashaws rematch was no longer in the question as he relinquished his bantamweight title and now serves a 12 month suspension. Though TJ is out of the question, Henry did not hesitate to continue on with his legacy by fighting for the vacant bantamweight title.

The Bantamweight division is stacked with several blood thirsty top contenders, but who would be worthy enough to fill in for TJ? Coming off of three consecutive finishes over Aljamain Sterling, Jimmie Rivera, and Rafael Assuncao, “Magic” Marlon Moraes made it known that he will be the one to dethrone King Henry.

Moraes insisted that he leaves Chicago with the bantamweight strap, and it even looked to be so as he led the first round of their five round title fight. Cejudo didn’t seem to have an answer for Marlons powerful kicks to the body and legs, but he found some breathing room late in the second as he opens up on his striking. Heading into the third round, Magic’s stamina was noticeably depleted and Henry began to capitalize. Henry began raining elbows on Moraes and with nine seconds left in the third round, the ref steps in. Henry Cejudo is your new triple champ and many believe the new p4p champ.

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