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Check Out This Open Guard Triangle Attack

Check Out This Open Guard Triangle Attack


The open guard in Jiu Jitsu is one of the most dynamic positions that a grappler can utilize. Personally, the creativity and complexity of the open guard is what drew me mostly to begin training Jiu Jitsu years ago.

When compared to other forms of guard such as closed guard or half guard, you will quickly notice how versatile this position is. Open guard allows for attacks in so many directions that defending it requires an intricate understanding of the positions which is something many grapplers lack.

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Furthermore, you will notice that the best competitors in the world have impenetrable guards and this even goes for competitors who prefer the top game.

There are numerous forms of open guard a grappler can use. Some of them include spider guard, de la riva guard, and so on. Lasso guard is a common example of a guard that many students have a difficult time defending.

Lasso guard is a modification of the spider in guard in which the feet are weaved through the leg, hence ‘lasso,’ instead of being placed directly on the biceps.

This change in the positioning of the feet allows the guard to maximize control over the guard passer buy making a difficult to break link between the guard passer’s arms and the guard player’s legs.

Given this extensive amount of control over the top player, attacking submissions can be easy and difficult to defend. The submissions most commonly attacked from lasso guard include your traditional guard attacks such as the armbar, the omoplata, and most commonly, the triangle choke.

In the following video by BJJ Fanatics, you will see how the lasso guard can be used to attack a triangle choke. See below:

This type of lasso guard is unique in that only one side is being weaved through. If you notice that while the right side is weaved through, the left foot is placed directly on the bicep such as you would see in traditional spider guard. This modification allows the guard player to move their feet quickly and efficiently.

When attacking any triangle from the guard, it is absolutely vital to elevate the hips as much as possible, and it is even more crucial to do so when you are setting this up against a standing opponent. If you don’t elevate the hips, the triangle choke can easily be defended.

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