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Clean Up with the Broomstick Takedown!

Clean Up with the Broomstick Takedown!


A video recently surfaced of Renzo Gracie showing Brandon Vera a takedown at the airport. It’s always fun to see legends in their natural habitat. You can see the video here!

The video was captured prior to the most recent One Fighting Championship card, where Renzo, and Garry Tonon both finished their opponents by way of rear naked choke. It was an exciting night for Team Renzo Gracie, and a great display of the skill that runs through the lineage.

The best thing about the footage from the airport, was that Renzo actually was able to pull off the takedown during his bout at One FC! With grace, I might add. Renzo began with a nice single leg set up. When Yuki Kondo attempted to execute a switch, Renzo seamlessly transitioned to what’s referred to by some as the “broomstick takedown”.

Does it remind you of sticking a broomstick into your best friend’s bicycle spokes and watching him fly over the handle bars? Shame on you.

Once the clinch is secured, and the leg is weaved through the opponent’s base, it’s game over. The takedown left Renzo Squarely on the back of Kondo and set the stage for a great finish.

It was awesome to see the broomstick takedown once again make an appearance on the big stage. And who better than Master Renzo himself at 51 years of age to bring it into the spotlight. Well done Master Renzo Gracie!

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