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Completely Lost on the Mats? Maybe Everyone Else Is Too

Completely Lost on the Mats? Maybe Everyone Else Is Too


Some days are harder than others to 'get it'.

Did you ever leave the mats and think…Well I’m not sure I did much of anything right tonight?  That was my night to a tee. The technique we were working  didn’t seem very difficult and I had a great partner but for some reason my mind and my body didn’t seem to be in sync and did not want to cooperate and execute the move properly. Watching the initial instruction I could see it, I could think through the proper mechanics of the drill but getting it right seemed an impossible task for me. I blamed it on it being a Monday! Why can’t I do this, I see it, I even felt I was moving wrong and still I couldn’t fix it.

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With my professor nearby providing his always valuable and much appreciated feedback I’d do my best to pull off the technique and get his approval. Of course with his step by step instruction I would of course achieve success.

A few more reps with my partner and things are getting better but still not quite as smooth as I’d like.

Add another piece to the puzzle why don’t you?!

 Once I got the 1st part of the drill down (somewhat) I’d hear professor call us in, …let’s add another piece…ok…this should be interesting. I’d watch intently moving about trying to see the placement of my professors hands and hooks and how he moves to reverse his partner and sweep him into side control. Ok. Got it. Maybe. 1,2,3 and off we go. The 2nd part of the move was familiar, we’d done it in the previous weeks classes, putting it together with tonight’s move was going to be a challenge for me, seeking out the help of friends I shared the mats with tonight I did my best and it wasn’t all bad but it could have been better.

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As the old saying goes, If at first you don’t succeed try try again. This statement  holds such strong meaning in the BJJ world. Always remember, Not every move is learned and perfected in one night. We’d all be black belts a lot sooner!


Lucky for me the way classes go we will revisit the same technique and I will be able to rep it out again and again.


 I take nights like this as a challenge. I don’t let them frustrate me. They seem to be the classes I need to keep me on track, the ones that make me want to leave work and take that drive to get it right! I have no doubt that with due diligence, that move, will not haunt me on the ride home at some point. It may take a few classes, I may get it at my next class. All I know is I will keep showing up to class and I will learn what I was unable to perfect tonight. The beauty of it all is I had a great time and the laughs and love of my BJJ family helped me get through one of “those” nights that had me running through the technique in my head and  talking to myself on the drive home! Nothing is impossible and a bad night on the mats is better than a good night on the couch!

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