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Why Our Teenagers Need Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Why Our Teenagers Need Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Being a teenager is tough, especially in this day and age. Your body is going through mental,  physical, and emotional changes. You are trying to figure out who/what you are going to be as an adult. You are trying to make friends, and be social. We all remember it well right? It can be very trying at times. With all these big changes in such a small amount of time, teenagers need something beneficial, wholesome, and solid in their lives to keep them grounded. That is where jiu-jitsu comes in. Here are just a few ways that jiu-jitsu can be beneficial to your growing teenager.

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It Keeps Them Active

We live in a time where sitting around, and not doing much is way too easy. From video games to YouTube, there are a thousand different things that can take up their time. And it makes kids sedentary, dull minded, and weak. But, why can't we give them something that will keep them active, while also give them a skill? Jiu-jitsu offers that and more. It gets you moving, gets your heart pumping, and gets you active. And most importantly, it gets kids away from the TVs and iPhones, and give them something constructive to do.


It Makes Them Social

Teenagers are, well, kind of socially awkward sometimes. They are not sure what to say around certain types of people, or other kids, and it is hard on them. And with our society today, with the ability to have little to no first person social interaction, it can be difficult to develop these skills. When teens train jiu-jitsu, it places them into a social environment. And, one where there is a common goal, and interest. So, there isn't a struggle, and an awkward grasp for a topic of conversation. You talk about your moves, and you jiu-jitsu. And this helps teens tremendously with their confidence and social abilities in their young lives.

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It Gives Them Something To Pure To Learn and Work On

We have heard it before, there is no lying in jiu-jitsu. The mats never lie. Your teen cannot punch in a cheat code, and be invincible on the mat. You have to work hard, and spend the time. And this is a great skill to develop early in their lives. Give them something that they cannot cheat. Something that gives them great reward (even if they do not know if sometimes), but makes them keep after it to achieve. This will radiate throughout their lives, from school, to other sports, to friendships. It will teach them that everything isn't easy, and there isn't always a go-around. And hard work and discipline are what it takes to achieve great things.


If you have the time and resources to get your kids/teens into jiu-jitsu, please do it. Give it a shot. It is an activity that has so much to offer, and has long lasting benefits. It is not just an activity like your organized sports. It is much more than that. It is a change of mindset, and a lifestyle. It evolves as you evolve, and just when you think it has nothing to offer your child, some other personal skill just seems to start improving within them. It is astounding to see, and it is life changing. Find a local school, and have them try a class. You, and them, have absolutely NOTHING to lose!

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