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BJJ Is For Everyone, but Why?

BJJ Is For Everyone, but Why?


What is your learning style?

We hear this all the time. BJJ is for everyone. Have you every stopped and asked the question why that is? There are a plethora of answers for this question, but for me the best answer lies in education. In the education world there is always a lot of emphasis put on learning styles. Different people learn different ways. Some people are good at math while others specialize in history or art.

Learning styles are best broken down into the acronym VARK. Visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic are the major learning styles that most people fall into. It isn’t always one style that fits the learner best but often times a combination of more than one. Visual learners benefit from seeing the information they are trying to learn. Auditory learners utilize spoken word to absorb the content. Reading learners gain info through reading about a subject. Lastly Kinesthetic learners learn by doing. So where does BJJ fit in?

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BJJ is one of the few activities that simultaneously addresses most of these learning styles at the same time. Think about a time when your instructor has the attention of the academy and is demonstrating a technique. First they are engaging visual learners by allowing the students to see the technique demonstrated. While demoing the technique instructors will explain what is happening during the process. Finally students will have the opportunity to put it all in motion with some kinesthetic practice. 3 Learning styles in a matter of one minute.

So what about our dear readers? Well here you are! Reading and writing about BJJ is a modality of learning that we can do in our off the mat time. There are literally tons of information available for people to read about, especially here on BJJ Fanatics! If you fall into this learning style it may not be something you can utilize at the academy, but surely can study the techniques in your off time.

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Here we see the learning styles addressed by Tom Deblass. Here is a perfect example of a technique being broken down into usable data chunks for our mind to process. We see how the technique is performed and we hear about the finer details. Auditory cues are very helpful in remembering a technique, but also help explain imperceptible movements. Sometimes unless we feel a technique (kinesthetic) it is hard to grasp what exactly is happening. Describing this in detail helps practitioners understand the intricacies of the movement.

BJJ is definitely for everyone, and there are many reasons why you could justify this statement. In the realm of education being able to engage a student on multiple plains of learning will help ensure they understand the content. BJJ is no different. Utilize all the information your instructor shares and then hop on BJJ fanatics to read more about it!

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