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Bring Finishing Power back to your Omoplata!

Bring Finishing Power back to your Omoplata!


Do you think of the omoplata as more of a transitional position, or do you often acquire the submission? In my experience, getting to the omoplata position is not incredibly difficult, but he finish can be very illusive if you don’t have some solid plans once you’ve landed in the setup.

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Often times we miss the opportunity to finish the omolplata, and opt to let our opponents roll through in order to attack something entirely different. Our lack of finishing ability perpetuates this bad habit, and we become used to allowing the attack to crumble in order to chase a different submission or position all together.

So, if the finish is the problem, we need tot tighten it up. Stopping the defensive roll will be paramount, and we’ll need place heavy importance on keeping this in mind as the attack progresses. Check out this excerpt from “omoplata everyone”, from Bernardo Faria. Enjoy.

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There are hundreds of set ups for the omoplata, but there will be 2 key elements that will always need your attention. You’ll have to control your opponent’s posture, and continuously stop the defensive roll. From the moment the attack begins Faria continuously switches grips to keep his partner entangled, and unable to roll. One of my favorite details here is when Faria sits up and acquires the lapel in the armpit. This is excellent. Many times, when we only focus on holding the hips or grabbing the belt at this juncture, the roll is still very much available to our partner. This detail ensures the trapping of the hips and stops the roll at the later stages of the submission!

The omoplata is such a dynamic submission, but it’s true potential is often never realized. Take the steps to tighten up the attack and make the omoplata part of your game once again! Get to work!

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