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Conor Breaks Down Fight Against Khabib

Conor Breaks Down Fight Against Khabib


Conor On The Good And Bad In His Fight For The Title

In a surprising social media post by Conor McGregor, we are given a round by round breakdown of Conor’s most recent championship fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. This subjective breakdown is probably more of an insight into how Conor thought the fight went than it is a deeply intricate analysis of the events that took place. Conor does not come short in giving Khabib the respect he deserves as well.

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Conor explains the disparity between sport scoring and actual fight abilities in his discussion of the first round. He claims that although Khabib maintained a top position, he was not able to effectively strike or advance. Although he was able to land some effective strikes, Conor was not able to secure the round due to the previously discussed disparity. Conor goes on to discuss that Khabib played the second round intelligently and that he only lost that round because he had little to no-respect for Khabib’s stand up game, which was a major mistake. Conor also describes this second round as the worst round in his career.

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Conor wins the third round after coming back strongly from some difficult and strenuous moments in the first and second round but leaving him to be quite tired. Although he landed some great strikes early in the fourth, he ends up against the fence against the exquisite wrestling of Khabib. Conor confesses to his mistake of abandoning the under hook as he was securing his positing, allow Khabib to advance and finally finish the fight with a strangle.

In his closing remarks, Conor describes the fight as great and giving praise the Khabib. In a surprising claim, Conor then agrees that he may not get the rematch right away and he would stand-in line behind the others. I am excited for Conor’s future with the UFC and a potential rematch against Nurmagomedov. I am also excited for Khabib’s future and especially for a match against Tony Ferguson, a fight UFC fans have been waiting on for a long time.

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