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Craig Jones Discusses his Upcoming Match Against Rousimar Palhares at Kasai 3

Craig Jones Discusses his Upcoming Match Against Rousimar Palhares at Kasai 3


In a beautifully shot video by Stuart Cooper, rising BJJ star Craig Jones shares his views on a variety of topics. He gives insight into his first experiences with leg locks, and their efficiency. He speaks about the dangers of facing Rousimar Palhares at Kasai this weekend, and he pays homage to some of the leg lock innovators that have changed the game forever.

Craig got in early on the leg lock action, respecting its effectiveness early, and making it a staple of his training regimen. Over the past year, Craig has emerged as one of the foremost innovators of the leg lock game. He’s shed new light on the systems of leg locking and made his presence known as a titan of the ever evolving and exciting BJJ competition scene. Gaining lots of attention for his victories over some prestigious figures in BJJ as well as some razor close matches with other giants of the arena, Craig continues to carve out a place in BJJ history for himself.

Kasai Pro 3 airs on Saturday, August 18th. Craig will face Rousimar as part of a cluster of super fights on the card. Rousimar is notoriously one of the most dangerous grapplers in the history of BJJ competition. Craig appears to confident, but aware of the consequences of letting Palhares get the upper hand. This should make for one intense match up this weekend at the event.

Enjoy some beautiful training footage as well. Craig’s style is dynamic, exciting, and fun to watch. Enjoy!

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