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Defend and Escape the Saddle with Lachlan Giles

Defend and Escape the Saddle with Lachlan Giles


Learn To Keep Those Legs Safe With Lachlan Giles!

The saddle is somewhat known as a game over position in the leg lock realm. It offers control that far surpasses most leg entanglements, and constricts our opponent’s legs with a tremendous amount of effectiveness. But, getting caught in the saddle doesn’t have to be the end of the line if you can keep your composure, and commit a couple of methods of escape to memory.

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We see the saddle being used at very high levels of competition as a dangerous submission tool, and elements of the position continue to evolve at a rapid pace. So, how do we defend and escape the saddle position? Lachlan Giles has some great tips for you on how to unlock this dangerous position, and live to fight another day. Have a look at this video!

Giles begins with addressing the orientation of his leg. A bent leg is much harder to remove than a straight one. So first on the checklist, we need to straighten our leg and turn the heel in towards the ribcage of our partner. Giles aids in this process by moving his hips a bit to the right, turning and extending his leg so his toes face even more away from his partner. This forces his partner to have to roll through to chase the heel hook. As Giles matches his partners roll, he finds a home for his free foot on his partners hamstring. This provides a wedge for Giles to begin pushing and pulling his foot free. At times the triangle that’s keeping our leg entangled will need to be posted on so that we can remove our leg to begin to effectively start to escape.

Your opponent may try to collect your other leg to put you in farther danger. Most of the time this is merely an attempt to maintain position long enough to achieve the inside heel hook. If your partner can pass the free leg to the other side of their body, you may find yourself in a bit of trouble.

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To remedy this Giles keeps his over hooked leg nice and straight. As his partner attempts to pass the free leg to the other side, Giles begins to peel and hand fight to bring his knee back into his own body. Once the leg is free, he can begin to once again escape the position.

The saddle can be an incredibly dangerous position. But if you learn how to orient and move your body it can greatly reduce the risk of injury and your chances of escape. Great advice here from one of the best!

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