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Super Single Leg Detail

Super Single Leg Detail


Henry Cejudo has become quite the commodity these days. He has one of the most impressive combat records of all time. No one else in history has been able to be an Olympic gold medalist and UFC champion, except Henry.

Cejudo has been using his fast developing striking to finish his bouts lately. At his core though he is the highest quality of wrestler. Let’s utilize some of his “A” game to increase our own, whether that’s wrestling, BJJ, or MMA.

We’ve all seen the classic single leg, and are probably familiar with some of the ins and outs of the technique. That said, there is always little details to pick up on. The first thing to notice is how The Messenger lowers his level and penetrates underneath of his partners base AT AN ANGLE.  A good sign of a weak single leg is if when you shoot you are still squared up with your partner.

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This angle allows Henry to put the side of his head against his partner’s hip, this comes in handy when avoiding the front head lock. The next crucial details relate to the positioning of the hands. Henry’s outside hand sweeps around the leg and cups the partner’s knee. The inside hand grasps the inside back of the heel. Locking out the joint is another crucial element to this single leg.

With Henry’s head posted on the hip he can utilize it to push into his partner’s base allowing him to stand up with the single. Now the juicy finishing tips. Henry uses a variety of short phrases that can help learn the technique no matter the experience level. He uses the phrase “always pledge allegiance high”. Pretty simple think about the pledge, where do you put your hand? Flat and on your chest.

Now that we have the leg staged with our “high pledge” hand we can take them down. Cejudo uses an uppercutting motion with his other hand while stepping under his partner’s base. This takes the weight off of the partner’s planted foot allowing Henry to kick it out from underneath allowing the Gold quality takedown to take place.


High Level Takedowns And Mat Control by Henry Cejudo covers everything from setups to side control escapes. Cejudo is ready to share his life's work with you for the greater good of grappling!!



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