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Add These Drills To Sharpen Your Wrestling

Add These Drills To Sharpen Your Wrestling



Drilling is a surefire way to increase technical proficiency. It provides the necessary reps to make techniques become attached to muscle memory. When techniques are practiced to muscle memory we are more likely to make them work in a live situation.

Wrestling has made drilling a staple of practice. Anytime you walk into a wrestling room you will undoubtedly see some drills being utilized at some point through the practice. After getting the hang of a drill you can turn up the intensity and make it into a sport specific cardio enhancer.

Henry Cejudo is a master of wrestling and therefore by default is also a master of drilling. Here is an excellent video sharing drills Henry has used to become one of the best combat athletes who ever lived.

Although there is around eight minutes and thirty seconds of pure wrestling gems here let’s focus on a couple specific drills that maybe relate to some of us who don’t have the best shot. At the 2:10 mark Henry demonstrates a nice action and reaction drill off of a poor shot. As the partner begins to circle off of the failed shot attempt Henry is able to counter with what seems like a hyper flexible split, but it may be easier to pull of than it seems. At the 2:30 mark you can get a better look at Cejudo’s split.

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The timing of this particular reaction is crucial because as Henry sits under his opponent’s base they have to base out onto their hands. As their hand hits the mat it allows for Cejudo to finish his takedown by taking his partner’s weight towards that hand.  A quick adaptation for this would be to instead of trying to come up for the takedown this would allow for a strong entrance into butterfly guard with your partner’s weight above your hooks. For all of you BJJ butterfly guard players out there!

At the 4:29 mark is an example of a situation that occurs somewhat often in grappling. The opponent is able to get a single leg and you have to defend. This drill requires both partners to be on the same page. The goal isn’t to take them down but to force them to react while balancing on one foot. Motion of this drill isn’t always back and forth, it also involves circular motions. This provides practice in defending the single leg from a variety of grips and motions. Short intervals are best because your legs WILL be burning.


Henry Cejudo is rightfully considered the most accomplished combat athlete of all time. Now is the time to learn his High Level Takedowns and Mat Control!!!




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