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Defend The Darce with Lucas Leite's Rollover Sweep

Defend The Darce with Lucas Leite's Rollover Sweep


Which is a better feeling, getting a submission, or escaping a submission your opponent almost had on you?  I think most everyone would agree that getting the submission is the better of the two, however, there is no arguing that having a great defense and being able to defense your position carries immense value.  In order to win sometimes it is as simple as not giving up any points after you have scored some points of your own. In order to not give up any points you need to be able to escape submissions and otherwise defend your position.  

While all of that may be true, there is still something to be said for having an incredible defense.  If you are able to hold your own and not get submitted when going with some of the toughest guys in your academy that really says something.  You should feel good about having a great defense, it’s not an easy skill to develop and takes a lot of courage and patience. Let’s be honest… It feels pretty darn good to feel like you are completely safe when someone is trying to attack you and land submissions with no success.  To be clear though that does not mean we don’t need to work on the offense just as much. 

There will be times where you give up points, and that’s ok, as long as you make your way back to a dominate position with more points than the opponent.  Sometimes defending your position may include getting a sweep and earning yourself a few points on your road back to the top. Let’s take a look at “Defending the Darce choke with the Rollover Sweep” by Lucas Leite.


As you can see here Lucas is taking a preemptive approach to preventing the Darce from happening rather than waiting until it is set in and much more difficult to escape.  Starting from a standing position Lucas is looking to control the opponent’s head with a standard collar tie grip and then get his other arm on to the outside of the opponent’s arm but also ensuring his shoulder is on the inside track.  This is just a small detail he includes in the video, as you will see. As he sits to his but and slips his bottom let in between his opponent’s to hook the opponent’s right leg.    

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Once on the ground Lucas is using his bottom leg to keep the ankle tight as he scissors his hips down towards the mat.  At this point he is looking to catch the opponent’s leg with his top leg, triangling his top foot behind his bottom knee.  He is also ensuring he has the under hook very high on the opponent.

It is likely that at this point the opponent will use a whizzer to slow down or in their mind hopefully stop your sweep from happening.  This is not really all that problematic for you. Lucas starts walking into the opponent using his bottom leg getting more and more under his opponent with each step until eventually he has loaded their body weight onto him and he is able to then just simply roll over.  

Notice that as he rolls he is controlling the momentum to ensure that it is not used against him to reverse his sweep.  As he comes to the top he is staying tight to the opponent’s torso and then high stepping out of the opponent’s guard. As he starts working towards getting side control he pinches the opponent between his arms and his knees like a vice.  Lucas makes small movements to get him to full side control without giving up any ground along the way. 

Regardless of your rank or skill set there is something to be learned from Lucas Lepri’s guard passing science.  Lucas is known for making some of the best competitors on the planet look like they just started training last week as a result of the science that backs his guard passing system. “

“Passing the guard is a very easy concept when you break it down: you can go over, under or around the person’s legs.”  Lucas focuses on precision based science to ensure he is always ready to compete with best in the world and put his guard passing to the test.  Lucas has not lost a single match at worlds in 6 years. I’m telling you, this is who I want to have teaching me how to dismantle any guard I run into, regardless of where it is.  

There is no doubt there is a ton of detail, pro tips and tricks and just all out value in having Lucas’s video instructional.  This is what you need to start blowing through your friends, and your opponent’s guard. Don’t waste any more time and get your today so you can start training right away and get on track to start dominating everyone in your home academy and on the mats in competition. 

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