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Getting The Submission Is Not Always Easy…

Getting The Submission Is Not Always Easy…


But it could be!

Do you remember the last time you tried to land a submission, specifically a triangle submission but you could not for the life of you seem to get it?  The opponent just seemed to have all the right positioning and all the solutions to the problems you were dishing out. It happens to the best of us. It can be extremely frustrating and make you feel like you don’t actually know any Jiu Jitsu.  

The reality is just that as you get better, so do the people that you are training with and competing against, so they have been training solutions to the problems you are presenting anticipating this day would come, much like you are doing to them I would assume.  Rest assured there is always more to learn and always new tricks of the trade that can help refine your technique and limit the number of times your submission attempts get shut down. 

In most cases we have to work really hard to setup and ultimately finish a submission.  In almost every case there are multiple opportunities for your opponent to shut this down along the way.  I know it can be really frustrating, but can you imagine never getting resistance when you apply submissions?  That sounds pretty boring to me. One of the appeals of Jiu Jitsu is that is gives you a skill set that allows you to inflict your will on a resisting opponent. 

The fact of the matter is there is usually something, or in many cases, a few things you can do to limit your exposure to getting shut down by your opponent.  Personally, I really like the triangle choke submission, so let’s start with that one and check out the Gubber Triangle that is designed to control the opponent’s arm and stop letting your opponent shut down your triangle submission attempt by not letting you get your leg on the inside. 


Let’s start out from the closed guard.  From this position we are first working to break the opponent’s posture down, like you see in the image below.  We then want to free their lapel on the side where we are controlling their arm. It is important to keep ahold of the grip over their head and neck area to maintain the broken posture for now.  We are looking to free the lapel behind the opponent’s left arm in this situation.  


Once we are able to secure the bottom of the lapel we want to begin shrimping away from that grip and passing that lapel to the other hand that is still around the opponent’s head.  The following step is to create additional leverage. We now want to also get our top leg foot into the lapel so that it looks something like what you see in the picture below. 

Become a Triangle Machine With Craig Jones!  


What we have done here is create a block on the shoulder of the arm that normally could be used to trap our leg from coming out, but we are limiting movement with our grip on the lower lapel.  At this point we can go ahead and pull out leg out using our bottom hand to make adjustments or push away the opponent’s arm if needed. As we pull the leg out we want to rotate back to our back and lock this leg over the opponent’s neck, immediately releasing the grips on the lapel and locking up our triangle submission.  

To finish the triangle submission we simply grab the back of the opponent’s head with both hands and pinch your knees together.  This should create a very quick submission. If the opponent starts to stand simply under hooking under their leg can prevent this threat from becoming a reality.  

As you can see in just one example, the more you know, and the more you have truly studied and understand the technique the more prepared you will be to proactively shut your opponent down when they want to stop your submission attempts.

Craig a 2017 ADCC veteran, returns to ADCC this weekend to put his skills to the test once more.  Craig is a fast-rising star with an incredible game and a lot of detailed triangle submissions for you to learn, study and try.  These triangles are available in virtually every position, and like anything the more you start to use it, the more you start to see them from every angle.  Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from the fastest rising star in Jiu Jitsu. Get yours today and start triangle chocking everyone!

The Triangle Machine by Craig Jones

If you really want to take a deep dive into learning the triangle submissions check out this video instructional titled “Triangle Machine” by Craig Jones. 




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