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ADCC Spotlight: Adam Wardzinski

ADCC Spotlight: Adam Wardzinski



Ahead of this weekend's ADCC World Championships, we're taking a look at some of our BJJ Fanatics family members who have been invited to compete.

One of the few Europeans to appear on the roster is Adam Wardzinski.

Wardzinski began his martial arts training when his parents enrolled him in aikido.  However, Wardzinski's interest didn't last.  

He later discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through YouTube videos, and he began training at the age of eighteen with Karol Matuszczak.  Wardzinski earned his blue through brown belts with Matuszczak.  

Meanwhile, the lack of BJJ instructors in Poland resulted in Wardzinski collecting his own group of students in western Poland while he was still a blue belt.  

As Wardzinski's connections in the BJJ world grew, he met Alan do Nascimento, who was teaching in Sweden.  Wardzinski invited him to Poland to conduct a seminar and would later ask to join Nascimento's affiliation.

Wardzinski was promoted to black belt by Nascimento in 2016.

His love of competing led Wardzinski to collect numerous accolades, even before earning his black belt.  Of particular note, Wardzinski won first place in the IBJJF London Open and London No-Gi Open as well as the IBJJF European Open and No-Gi Open--all as a brown belt.

Then, as a black belt, Wardzinski took his competitions to the international level, placing in competitions in Tokyo, Brazil, Europe, and Abu Dhabi.  Included among these are first place finishes in the IBJJF Sao Paulo Open and the UAEJJF Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi.

Wardzinski took first in the European Trials and will be competing in the ADCC World Championship in the -88 kg division.  

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