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Dominate Opponents With The Turtle Guard Position

Dominate Opponents With The Turtle Guard Position


How To Be Offensive From The Turtle Guard Position

The turtle position is often thought of as a defensive position in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts. And truthfully, it is. A tight, impenetrable shell is a good way to fend off an aggressive attack and provide you a moment to catch your breath and decide your next move. Think of it more as an intermediary position, a short pit stop on the way to getting yourself into a better position. As time goes on the turtle is being looked at as a more dynamic position. But how do you get offensive from turtle?

Some BJJ practitioners gravitate towards turtle more than others. It’s up to you where you go from turtle, and a lot of this depends on your opponent’s knowledge of the position. You can make a choice. You might try to mount and offense or you may be so inclined to weather the storm for a bit, often fighting off chokes or your attackers attempts to smash through your defense. If you feel like you are ready to mount and attack you will need to be effective with your technique if you want to escape successfully.

The Turtle "Guard" Position has been a favorite of Eduardo Telles since his blue belt days. Years of getting smash passed and escaping to the turtle position has given his a solid understanding on how to fight from the turtle guard position in BJJ.


In the video below Kent Peters shows us how to trap your opponent’s arm from underneath, and lock up a kimura, giving you and opportunity to nail a submission, or a solid transition to top if he goes for a neck choke. Check it out!

Just look at how slick that kimura from turtle is! By gripping your opponent’s wrist and securing his arm, Peters shows us just how easy it is to lock up the kimura. The best part about this method is that if it fails, you still have other options to get back to top position.

Next time you are on the mats, you might want to allow yourself to get into turtle position and see if you can attack the kimura, or look for that reversal to get top control.

Bonus technique: Escape turtle from full guard.

There is one escape you can always go to from the turtle. If your opponent is attacking you from the side you have an opportunity to recover in full guard. Check out this video from BJJ World Champion Brandon “Wolverline” Mullins teaching an escape to get out of the turtle position.

Learn The Secrets Of The Turtle Guard From The World Champion Who Has Used It For Decades To Beat The Best Fighters On Earth It Might Sound Completely Nuts, But Eduardo Telles Beats The Best Guys – From His Hands & Knees.

This is your opportunity to learn one of the most unorthodox systems in bjj. This system will be unlike anything you have ever seen and you can use it to easily destroy all of your training partners.


The Turtle Guard Revisited By Eduardo Telles


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