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The Ultimate Guide For Grip Training For BJJ

The Ultimate Guide For Grip Training For BJJ



The best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors in the world are usually the ones who get their grips set first during the match or training roll. These competitors seem to have the natural ability to find "a good grip" from anywhere. Also, their ability to break grips when their opponent get's their own jiu jitsu grip can create the difference between winning and losing the BJJ match.

If you've ever had the opportunity to go with a top jiu jitsu fighter or judo player, their grips are insane. It's like once they get a hold of you, you ain't going ANYWHERE.


Basically, when it comes to gi back jiu jitsu, the martial artist who can control the grip game is usually the one who ends up celebrating victory. For new BJJ fighters, the most important thing is to know which grips to establish first, and how those grips can lead you to sweeps, passes or submissions.

Once thing to consider is that if you want a strong grip game for jiu jitsu or grappling in general, unfortunately you're going to have to add some supplementary training outside of the mat. There are different types of grips you will employ, this simply can mean the difference between gi based grips and no gi based "clinching" grips. Let's explore the types of grips for jiu jitsu from a strength training perspective.

Different Kinds of Grips

Grip power can be classified into three main categories, pinching, crushing and hanging / holding. These three grip strength categories are of great relevance for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Crushing can be seen as that grip existing between the palm and the fingers like crushing a can or shaking hands, this could be enhanced with various grip trainers. A grip which is pinch between thumb and fingers, similar to pinching someone. Finally, hanging / holding grip is having the grip strength to hold on to something or stay on something as if you are a pull up bar.

Different type of games will need different grip strength. Also, there will be a difference in the grips utilized in the no gi and the gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While every single individual might prefer certain grips as compared with others at a particular point during rehearsals, grips different from your favorites should be utilized . Due to this, every Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial artist has to develop his / her grip in different positions. These positions are typically dictated by the type of Jiu Jitsu game you want to play

Factors that affect grip strength training

Gripping strength is derived from the flexion of your fingers joints or bringing the fingers nearer to the palms. Some factors which can largely decrease or increased the gripping power are fatigue, hand dominance, nutrition, age, and mobility. Most strength trainees believes that the very first over training signs could be experienced in the grip. In case you are experiencing tiredness in your grip, it is a very visible sign that you may want to minimize your training volume, or skip a day.

Efficient and Effective grip training

The grip training mostly for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should not be too difficult. Three principles should be adhered to whenever it concerns grip strength training exercises. Firstly, Brazilian Jiu jitsu grip training has to copy the kinds of grips that are used in Brazilian Jiu jitsu strength training. Just squeezing a lame grip trainer in your car is not going to make your grips better for BJJ. Second, grip training doesn't need to be a huge additional training endeavor. Yes supplemental training is necessary for BJJ, but it should never replace. The third principle is that the grip training you do should not HURT your Jiu Jitsu. If your grips are always shot from doing too much grip training, then what's the point of doing it if your grips are always show.

Here are three exercises that will dramatically improve your grips for jiu jitsu.

(1) Deadlifts

Deadlifts are absolutely one of the best strength training exercises you can do for overall strength, but are also one of the best exercises for developing holding / controlling grip strength. There are many different ways you can train the deadlift to increase your overall grip strength as well. For example, regardless of how many YouTube videos you see on the deadlift, start off with double overhand grip. This is so important for the deadlift and for overall grip strength. Overhand grip on the deadlift is challenging. You should switch to and over under grip when your double overhand fails. Another way to challenge your grip in the deadlift would be to add a fat grip or use an axle bar to do this might strength training exercise as well.

(2) Pull Ups

It's no secret that pull ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises to develop a strong back and mighty pulling power. But it can also be used to develop tremendous grip strength. One of the ways to dramatically increase the challenge on the pull up for grip strength is to use a gi or towel instead of a pull up bar. This simulates the grips for BJJ, but also develops that big pulling power for Jiu Jitsu.

(3) Farmer's Walks

This old school strong man exercise has been around for century and is definitely one of the simplest yet more challenging exercises you can ever do. The objective is simple, pick up a heavy ass weight and walk with it. If you work out at a lame gym like Planet Fitness, don't even bother. You need some man weights and a man gym to do these exercises. You can start off by using heavy ass dumbbells, but when your balls drop and you can carry more then 100 lbs in each hand, you will need to get some farmer walk handles or again, find a real gym built for real athletes.

It's no secret that grips are one of the major secrets to improving your jiu jitsu game. If your grips suck, you suck at jiu jitsu... sorry, but it's true. In order to get good grips, you need to train your grip strength. Judo players are known for their gripping patters and strength. Two of the best American Judo Fighters / Coaches: Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro share with you the secrets of judo grip fighting for Jiu jitsu.


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