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Donald Cerrone Back In June?

Donald Cerrone Back In June?



No one is as active in the UFC than Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. After defeating a top 5 opponent in Al Iaquinta last weekend in Canada, Cowboy looked like he deserved a little break. Afterall the guy has the most wins in UFC history!

The UFC is targeting a fight between Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone  take place at UFC 238 in Chicago. This will should be a title eliminator. The winner should go on to face the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier which is supposed to take place in September.

Some people may ask what about Conor McGregor? After defeating Ragin Al, Cowboy set his sights back on the charismatic Irishman. Dana White seemed to be in favor of it, as well as the fans. So what happened? It seems that the match between Cowboy and Conor may never come to fruition.  

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McGregor is the type of guy to have all of his ducks in a row before committing to a bout. Cowboy Cerrone is ready if you tell him there is a 6-pack by the cage. Chances are good that Conor wanted to negotiate the perfect deal and situation. After waiting too long for Conor, Cerrone probably got a text that looked something like: “Yo, Cowboy what’s up in June? Wanna fight Tony Ferguson?”. To which Cerrone probably replied “Yup.” All speculation mind you!

Tony Ferguson has been at the top of the Lightweight division for some time now. At one point he held the Interim championship after defeating Kevin Lee by submission. At the time the plan was for Ferguson to fight McGregor to unify the belts. After being on hold with McGregor the UFC went ahead and decided that Khabib Vs. Ferguson would be for the Lightweight strap.

If you’ve followed the story of Ferguson and Khabib you’ll know that it has been set already many times. On the way to this fight on April Fool’s day no less, Tony Ferguson had to be withdrawn from his shot at Khabib. While doing PR for the UFC Tony tripped over a studio cable that caused a  catastrophic knee injury. Right about the same time many fans started to believe in curses.

Most recently Ferguson has been having a different battle. Ferguson had some mental health issues that were covered extensively throughout mma media. It seems as though Ferguson is using his career as therapy to overcome his obstacles. If his career inside the octagon is any indicator, Tony Ferguson has zero quit and will work tirelessly to achieve his goals. Hopefully it isn’t too soon to return, but maybe it’s exactly what Ferguson needs.

UFC 238 is starting to shape up now that his barn burner was added. Currently there is two title fights slated for the co-main and main event. In the Co-Main event Valentina Schevchenko will defend her 125lb belt against Jessica Eye. In the Main event Henry Cejudo will take on Marlon Moraes for the vacant 135lb Bantamweight title that was recently vacated. The only downside to Cowboy Vs. Ferguson on this card is that it won’t be five rounds! Overall though Chicago looks like the place to be come June!

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