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New Champ Crowned at UFC 237

New Champ Crowned at UFC 237



UFC 237 took place in Brazil and had its biggest names headlining the card for the hometown crowd. Much to their dismay the hometown athletes, for the most part, weren’t able to secure victories for their fans. That said in the main event Jessica Andrade might have had one of the biggest comebacks in UFC women’s division history.

Jose Aldo and Alexander Volkanovski squared off just before the co-main event in a Featherweight bout. Jose Also is in a difficult spot having had two prior chances to dethrone current Champ Max Holloway. This may have factored into his performance because he didn’t look like the Jose that is widely considered the greatest Featherweight of all time.

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Volkanovski was able to find his home using range and stopped Aldo from ever finding his rhythm. The Australian might be the next in line to take a crack at current Featherweight kingpin Max Holloway. In his last two fights he stopped Chad Mendes and now out pointed a legend. It’ll be interesting to  see how he measures with Holloway.

In the main event Anderson Spider Silva squared off against up and comer Jared Cannonier. Silva had a typical slow start as Cannonier continuously chopped at Silva’s legs. Both outside and inside kicks were landing flush. Right as Silva looked as though he was about to let loose Jared landed another solid inside leg kick that folded Silva’s knee. Cannonier jumped in to finish the legend, however he could tell that something was injured and mercifully walked away. The fight was over and quite possibly could be the last time we see the 42 year old Silva inside the octagon. Let’s hope he has a speedy recovery.

Now that two Brazilian Legends have lost their fight all of the focus and pressure switches to the title fight. Jessica Andrade had quite the challenge ahead of her in Rose Namajunas. Coming off of two consecutive victories over former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Namajunas looked to add another title defense in enemy territory.

Early in the fight it looked as though that is exactly what would take place. Many folks watching from home scored the first round a 10-8 for the champion. She was able to use Andrades patented aggression against her. Thug Rose found multiple counters and even dropped the challenger in the opening round.

The second round looked sort of like the first. Until it didn’t. In an exchange close to the fence Rose utilized a Kimura on Andrade for defense. Andrade picked Rose up and was able to flip upside down before spiking her to the mat. Rose was immediately unconscious. The women’s 115lb division has a new champ.

It’s hard to say where the UFC will go from here as far as matchmaking. Rose mentioned possible retirement so an immediate rematch although deserved might not happen. That leaves the possibility of Joana “former champion” possibly fighting for her title that she lost. Here is a quick interview with the former champ.

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