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Polish Powerhouse Shares Some Motivation

Polish Powerhouse Shares Some Motivation



Adam Wardzinski has been on quite the rise in the BJJ world. He has slated an impressive run in 2019. The butterfly guard guru took double gold at the Rome Open, and defeated Leandro Lo via choke. So what keeps a guy like him rocking out? Check out this video from the BJJFANATICS YouTube channel, and get a little insight on what keeps the Polish Powerhouse going.

Wardzinkski made a name for himself in the BJJ world by utilizing his butterfly guard game at the highest level. When you first begin to learn butterfly guard it can be great when applying techniques against a passer on their knees. With today’s strategy often times passing the guard will be done from the feet. Adam has paved the way with imposing his style on his opponent’s. You can check out his Butterfly Guard wizardry here at BJJFANATICS.

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As Wardzinski points out in the video Poland has a strong martial arts culture. Fortunately for us grappling fans he decided to devote himself to Jiu-Jitsu. He echoes similar sentiments as many other greats across the sport have also held, like them he became OBSESSED.

When spending time with Adam’s Butterfly guard instructional you also get to catch a glimpse of how he follows through with his sweeps. This is now expounded on in great detail in Adam’s newest instructional Polish Power Passing. Polish Power Passing hinges off of Adam’s use of the knee slide pass.

The knee slide pass lends itself to Adam’s butterfly guard game because the butterfly hook will immediately turn into the knee slide pass. By utilizing strong leverage Adam has found himself sweeping into the knee slide throughout his career.


Now is the time to sharpen your passing skills with Polish Power Passing by Adam Wardzinski. Wardzinski is easily one of the most accomplished European Jiu-Jitsu players. Adam makes classic games cool again by using tried and true techniques with a little Polish Power! Check out Polish Power Passing now!



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